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Best 30 Inch Gas Ranges

Best 30 Inch Gas Ranges

Not only are they equipped with high flame power, but the best gas ranges also come with innovative features that make cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

Ready for a new gas range? Check out the best 30-inch professional gas ranges in the market. 

At A Glance - Best Gas Ranges:

What Are the Best 30 Inch Gas Ranges?

1. Forno | Lazio 30-Inch All Gas Range With Air Fry, 5 Sealed Burners and Griddle – FFSGS6276-30

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 The Forno Lazio 30-inch Alta Qualita Gas Range with Air Fry ensures that all your meals are done on time, no matter how complex they are. It features 5 gas burners capable of 70,000 BTU (British Thermal Units).

There’s also an oven with a 4.32 cubic feet oven capacity, internal convection, thermostat, and regulator.

This gas range also has a continuous grating, a reversible griddle, an air fry setting, and a drip pan. 


  • Maximize your budget with a durable gas range. It features high-grade stainless steel, illuminated zinc knobs, 3-layer oven glass, and 2 electroplated racks.

  • Create complex dishes in no time. You can produce great-tasting meals faster with a high-power cooktop, convection baking, and air frying.

  • Upgraded kitchen appearance. Even in limited spaces, this 30-inch gas range will serve as a stylish centerpiece for your kitchen.

  • More convenient cooking. You can easily slide heavy pots and pans across the continuous grates and view dishes from the large oven door.

  • Easy to clean. You can count on the steam clean function to remove all the debris and grease in your oven. 


Compared to other 30-inch gas ranges, the Forno Lazio Freestanding Gas Range with Air Fry provides a lot of value.

Even with a wide range of high-end features, you can get this kitchen appliance at an affordable price. 

Bottom Line

This is the best 30-inch gas range with air frying functionality. It's ideal for cooks who value their time in the kitchen.

Your culinary passion will be well-matched by deliciously cooked meals. 

2. Forza | 30-Inch Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range with Infinito™ Grates, MassimoBlu™ Double Broiler, Full Brass Burners, 5.2 Cu Ft Convection Cooking

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The Forza 30-inch Pro-Style Gas Range is not your typical appliance. It has a radical design backed up by a host of professional features.

There are 4 full brass burners with Infinito™ Grates, a massive 5.2 cubic feet oven capacity with convection cooking and the MassimoBlu™ Double Broiler system. 

Top Features

  • Elevated cooking experiences. You’ll be able to accomplish so much with 2 dual-flame burners that can simmer sauces at 685 BTU and sear meats at 20,000 BTU.

  • Unique and functional design. The Infinito™ Grate System with integrated bull nose might look different, but they’re designed to increase your efficiency in the kitchen.

  • More versatility in the kitchen. The spacious oven can meet all your cooking needs with the double broiler, a telescopic glide rack, 2 wire shelves, and 1 large cooking tray. 

  • Simplify the cleanup process. With a removable glass window and porcelain spill tray, you’ll spend less time with post-cooking cleanup. 

  • Feel safe with a reliable range. It comes with safety features, including one-hand ignition and a thermocouple device.


It doesn't get more premium than the Forza 30-inch Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range. Considering all the professional features, this gas range's high-end price tag is justified.

Wrap Up

This is the best 30-inch professional gas range for those who want to feel like a top chef in their home kitchen.

You can count on it to provide consistent, versatile, and high-level cooking experiences. 

3. Kucht | Professional Series 30 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range – KRD306F and KRD306F/LP

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The Kucht 30-inch Professional Gas/Electric Range is an excellent choice for home cooks. You can harness the power of moist heat with 57,000 BTU across four gas burners.

This gas range also has an electric convection oven with a 4.2 cubic feet oven capacity, a manual convection setting, and a 3500-watt broiler.


  • Serve pro-level meals with ease. This 30-inch gas range has burners that deliver serious heat.

  • Widen your dessert repertoire. The electric convection oven with 2 bake elements is ideal for creating delicate desserts.

  • No interruptions. Even if you step away, you can expect continuous flames thanks to the automatic re-ignition feature.

  • Conveniently monitor meals. The supersized window and halogen lights provide a full view of your dishes.

  • Durability for your convenience. You get heavy-duty grates, a porcelain cooktop, pro handle, stainless steel body, and durable knobs.


The Kucht 30-inch Professional Gas/Electric Range is designed to elevate your cooking.

It’s packed with features that you’d typically expect with professional gas ranges. As such, expect to pay more than average for this 30-inch dual fuel gas range.

My Take

The Kucht 30-inch Professional Dual Fuel Range is worth considering if you're a home cook who loves baking.

It features convection baking for a wide range of meals and desserts. With serious power and features, this gas range makes it easy to serve complete meals.  

4. Superiore | 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range With 4 Sealed Burners, 14,000 BTU Oven, 5.7 cu. ft. Oven Capacity, 2 Convection Fans, Continuous Grates and Star K Certification: Natural Gas

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The Superiore 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range helps cooks accomplish more in the kitchen. You can cook more efficiently with the four-burner cooktop with a total heat output of 53,500 BTU.

There is an oven with 5.7 cubic feet of oven capacity, which is ideal for large dishes or high-volume meals. With 2 convection fans, they will be cooked evenly and thoroughly.

For more convenience, there are telescopic glide shelves, 2 wire shelves, an enameled tray, and a trivet.


  • Explore your culinary curiosity. You can create complex recipes with a lot of flame power, oven space, and baking accessories.

  • Ideal cooking temperatures. The burners provide ideal heat for different cooking methods, including a low simmer and a high boil.

  • Quickly move pots and pans from one burner to another. Continuous grating allows for easy transfer without tip-overs.   

  • Suitable for large parties. The massive oven enables you to cook large batches of food without compromising on taste.

  • A combination of style and function. This 30-inch gas range isn't just beautiful. It also makes home cooking safer and more efficient.


While the Superiore 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range sits on the higher side of pricing, it’s a worthy investment for home cooks who want to expand their culinary horizons. 

Bottom Line

Any home cook will appreciate a stylish kitchen appliance. But compared to other gas ranges, you get so much more with this Superiore model.

As one of the best high end 30-inch gas ranges, you'll have everything you need to cook like a pro. From simple meals to party dishes, Superiore's gas ranges always deliver. 

5. ZLine | 30 Inch Professional Gas Burner/Electric Oven in DuraSnow Stainless – RAS-SN-30

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Looking to improve your cooking? This is where the ZLine 30-inch Professional Dual Fuel Range comes in. It has four burners with enhancewd efficiency, precise temperature control, and even cooking.

The Italian-made range has 4.0 cubic feet of oven space. In addition, there are numerous cooking modes, including convection bake and convection broil.   

Top Features

  • Move easily from cooktop to oven. Multi-tasking is easier thanks to dual-lighting, front switches, smooth knob action, and stay-put hinges.

  • Spend less time cleaning. You don't have to devote extra time to remove crumbs and spills with a one-piece porcelain cooktop.

  • Cook with no hesitation. The heavy-duty grill means that the heavy cookware won't easily damage your dual fuel range.

  • Better results. Your meals taste better due to optimal insulation from the three-layer oven door and aluminum mesh seal.  

  • A reliable companion for your cooking journey. This range will be with you for many years as it's built using premium alloy, stainless steel, and scratch-resistant porcelain.  


The ZLine 30-inch Professional Dual Fuel Range comes with mid-range pricing. Since it's packed with premium features, it's a definite bang for your buck purchase!

Wrap Up

As passionate as you are about cooking, it can be pretty hectic. So if you want the best range with the most convenient features, the ZLine 30-inch Professional Gas Burner/Electric Oven is a solid choice.

6. Forno | Alta Qualita 30 Inch Pro-Style Gas Range – FFSGS6228-30S

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With the Forno 30-inch Alta Qualita Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range, even casual home chefs will feel confident cooking with heat.

The four sealed burners have a total heat output of 49,000 BTU combined. A capable oven offers 4.62 cubic feet of capacity, an internal convection fan, and a total output of 25,500 BTU.

The stylish appliance also comes with continuous cast-iron grating, 2 electroplated racks, an LP conversion kit, and a power cord.


  • Durable and long-lasting. High-grade stainless steel, 3-layer glass, zinc knobs, and cast-iron grates mean you'll enjoy this range for years to come.  

  • A stylish design. This range will complement any modern kitchen with a pro-style handle, illuminated knobs, black enamel interiors, and a recessed cooktop.

  • Lessen cleanup time. No more manual scrubbing, thanks to the steam clean function.

  • Fast and consistent results. You can create evenly-cooked meals more quickly with reliable burners and convection cooking.

  • Cook with enhanced precision. You can keep your meals moist and juicy with the help of a thermostat and a temperature regulator. 


The Forno 30-inch Alta Qualita Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range may be one of the more affordable gas ranges on this list, but there’s no compromise regarding quality and performance.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty for your continued satisfaction

My Take

If budget is a main deciding factor, then this is the best 30-inch professional gas range for you.

Despite being more affordable than the other models, it will still meet all your cooking requirements. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s quite a powerful appliance as well.  

7. Forno | 30 Inch Pro-Style Stainless Steel Gas Range with Gas/Convection Oven and 5 Defendi Italian Burners – FFSGS6260-30

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The Forno 30-inch Capriasca Gas Range has 5 Defendi Italian brass burners for even more flexibility and versatility in the kitchen. The addition of the center burner gives the cooktop a total heat output of 100,000 BTU.

Below is an oven with a generous 4.23 cubic feet capacity, convection cooking, and infrared broiler functionality.

The range also has automatic ignition, telescopic oven racks, rotisserie kits, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and a wok ring.


  • Create tastier meals with ease. The brass burners provide excellent heat retention to keep your dishes moist and juicy.

  • Heavy-duty cooktops with continuous grating can easily transfer heavy pots and pans across burners.

  • Convenient monitoring of dishes. With halogen lights and a clear viewing window, you won't have to keep opening the oven door to check on your food.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. The sealed burners and removable oven doors were designed for quicker cleanup.  

  • Bake with finesse. The convection fan circulates hot air evenly and more efficiently to ensure that your dishes are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.


This 30-inch Forno range has a slightly higher price tag than other brand models. Nonetheless, you won't be disappointed with the wide range of professional features and 2-year warranty.

Bottom Line

To maximize your time in the kitchen, consider upgrading to the Forno 30-inch Capriasca Gas Range.

It has the same professional features you expect with Forno, but with essential additions such as a center burner. This can allow you to cook with more complexity — but without any extra effort on your part.

8. Kucht | 30 Inch Professional Class 4 Burner Range Top in Stainless Steel – KFX309T and KFX309T/LP

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If you don't have enough space for a single or double oven, you can opt for the Kucht 30-inch Professional Class Range Top in Stainless Steel.

It’s equipped with a X-burner stovetop that’s just as powerful and capable as the best 30-inch gas ranges.

With features such as auto-reignition and continuous rails, you also get a more convenient cooking experience compared to other gas ranges. 


  • No compromises. You can still consistently cook high-caliber meals even if you have limited kitchen experience.

  • Create meals faster. When you don't have much time to cook, the auto-reignition system removes the hassle of flames burning out.

  • Continuous rail design. You can transfer heavy pots and pans across burners without lifting them.

  • Compatible with most kitchen spaces. The 30-inch form factor means that this range can fit into standard countertops.

  • Match your kitchen style. The knobs are available in silver, tuxedo black, or royal blue.   


The Kucht 30-inch Professional Class Range Top is a premium kitchen appliance. It does come with a higher price tag compared to similar gas ranges.

However, with durability and ease of use, it’s an ideal appliance for diversifying your cooking skills. 

Wrap Up

If you already have the perfect single or double oven, then you won’t regret adding the Kucht 30-inch Professional Class Range Top to your kitchen area.

As one of the high-powered gas cooktops, it comes with durable fixtures and convenience features to give you an easier time in the kitchen.  

9. Forno | Spezia 30 Inch Gas Cooktop, 4 Burners, Wok Ring and Grill/Griddle Included – FCTGS5751-30

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The Forno Spezia 30-inch Gas Cooktop features five burners. Each burner has a minimum of 1,416 BTU and a maximum of 20,000 BTU — for a total output of 100,000 BTU.

It also comes with a wok ring and grill/griddle to make your cooking experience more versatile.

Notable features include continuous grating, an auto-ignition feature, illuminated zinc knobs, and an LP conversion kit.

Top Features

    • Take on any culinary challenge. No recipe will ever be too complex with a 4 brass burner gas range at your disposal. 

    • Ease of use. Auto-ignition, illuminated zinc knobs, and continuous grates contribute to more enjoyable experiences in the kitchen. 

    • No need for heavy lifting. The continuous cast-iron grates mean you can easily slide heavy pots and pans across burners. 

    • Easy cleanup. You won't have to spend too much time cleaning with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and sealed brass burners. 

    • Stylish design to complement any kitchen. The classic Italian design will suit any modern kitchen.


The Forno Spezia 30-inch Gas Cooktop may seem pricey at first. But considering it has 5 burners and a range of professional-level features, the price tag becomes more competitive. You also get the standard 2-year warranty. 

My Take

For cooking enthusiasts who value convenience and versatility, consider the Forno Spezia 30-inch Gas Cooktop. Its performance is on par with the best 30-inch gas stoves.

This stovetop will be the perfect addition to your single or double oven and other kitchen appliances. 

What Are 30 Inch Gas Ranges?

A 30-inch gas range features gas burners on top and an oven on the bottom. This is considered a traditional gas range compared to a double oven gas range.

Some gas ranges also have a storage drawer underneath the oven. You can also choose between a slide-in range or a freestanding range.

With the best 30 inch gas ranges, you get four to six burners with a wide range of temperatures for precise cooking. They also feature electric or gas ovens with a deep capacity.

You’ll want to look for professional oven settings such as convection cooking, premium fixtures, and convenient or smart features for more versatility, flexibility, and convenience.  

The Best 30-Inch Gas Range to Enhance Your Cooking Experience

Depending on what kind of cook you are, you might be on the lookout for the best high end 30 inch gas range or a more budget gas range.

Regardless, the best 30 inch gas range is one that meets your cooking needs. It also helps provide more enjoyable cooking experiences. It's a good alternative for a double oven gas range, especially if you have fewer cooking demands.

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