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Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters

3 Best Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Do you have a beautiful patio or deck, but are only using it for a couple of months out of the year? You could be enjoying your patio year-round!

Investing into an outdoor patio heaters is a great way to enjoy your space throughout the entire year while still being warm.


In this article we will dive further into outdoor patio heaters and compare the different options there are, and make the choice on which to purchase easy. 

You will need to take a couple of things into consideration as you begin your search for the perfect outdoor patio heater. Considerations are listed below:

  1. What is the size of your patio, yard, or deck that you'd like to heat?

  2. Do you want a wall mounted or portable patio heater?

How many BTUs (British Thermal Units) should my patio heater be?

Finding the size of the area (length and width) you want to heat is very important. Patio heaters only heat the immediate vicinity where it is placed since there is no insulation to keep heat in. The measurements of the area you want to heat will help you determine the BTU (British Thermal Units) needed to heat the area. A simple length and width measurement will do the trick!

Should I choose a wall mounted natural gas patio heater or a portable floor unit?

Wall mounted patio heaters are out of the way and can be a good option for smaller patios where you have limited floor space. Also, wall mounted patio heaters are a good option if you have children you are afraid would knock the unit over.

Portable mushroom style natural gas patio heaters have the benefit of being able to place anywhere you'd like and can be rolled away for storage. They are more versatile, and cant be used in a wider variety of places.

What is the benefit of natural gas patio heaters over propane/electric heaters?

While the upfront cost of an outdoor natural gas patio heaters is usually a lot higher, in the long run owning natural gas patio heaters actually adds up to be significantly more affordable. This is due to the high maintenance cost a the electric patio heater.

Another huge benefit is that the natural gas patio heaters can be linked to existing natural gas lines in your home or commercial property. This dramatically reduces them amount of time needed to keep the unit running, as the natural gas will basically be unlimited and you wont need to continuously add or swap out gas tanks. When dealing with propane heaters, you will consistently need to fill your propane tank, or get new tanks which can be a huge nuisance.

A natural gas heater also burns hotter than electric patio heaters because of the simple fact that it is a combustion reaction instead of a heating of wiring or other components.

Can these heaters be used in a commercial setting?

All of the natural gas patio heaters units listed in this article are safe and hot enough for both residential commercial settings

Are natural gas patio heaters safe on decks?

Patio heaters are safe to use on patio decks of all materials as long as they are attended to at all time and kept away from children. Also, make sure to not let the heated components touch, or be inches away from combustable materials.

Combustible materials are considered to be wood, compressed paper, plant fibres, plastic, Plexiglas or other materials capable of being ignited and burned. Such materials shall be considered combustible even through flame-proofed, fire-retardant treated or plastered. Additional clearance may be required for glass, painted surfaces and other materials which may be damaged by radiant or convection heat.

Outdoor natural gas patio heaters must be placed in areas with sufficient air circulation, and not fully enclosed.

The outdoor space heaters listed all have safety turn off switches. Every heater is factory tested and inspected prior to shipping

Do Outdoor Space Heaters Need To Be Covered in the winter?

Some manufacturers make their outdoor gas patio heaters waterproof, others don't. It's always a good idea to protect your heater from the elements such as snow, even if it is waterproof. Protection from the elements reduces maintenance costs in the future. Getting a protector will reduce the amount of water, dirt, insects, and other things from getting into the elements of your heater.

Factors When Purchasing Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Quality – There are options that are super cheap, but come at the price of consistently needing to fix broken parts or completely replacing the unit every year. It's always best to get the highest quality option.

Performance – You get a patio heater for their ability to heat a space. Natural gas patio heaters burn the hottest, and never run out of gas when connected to your home's natural gas line, delivering limitless warmth to your living area

Features – When deciding between natural gas patio heaters patio heater look for an option with automatic ignition, a safety shutoff system, and high BTUs.

Best Natural Gas Patio Heater Options

IR Energy evenGLO GA301MP - Natural Gas Portable Patio Heater

These freestanding heavy duty outdoor natural gas patio heaters units are made using stainless steel and has 53,000 BTUs of heat output. This can be used in both residential and commercial installations.

The IR Energy EvenGlo GA 301MP features a durable wheel kit – completely made of 304 stainless with steel ball-bearing wheels, a weighted base to prevent it from tipping over, and options for 12-15 foot hose kits with quick disconnects for easy operation.

Purchase one of these natural gas patio heaters here.

IR Energy evenTUBE ETSV Wall/Ceiling Mounted Natural Gas Patio Heaters

This natural gas patio heater are built standard with marine-grade aluminum, and can be used for both residential and commercial installations such as a restaurant patio.

This wall/ceiling mounted heater has 2 options.

Model ETSV40

  • Low Setting: 24,000 BTUs

  • High Setting: 38,500 BTUS

12 Foot Length

Model ETSV80

  • Low Setting - 52,000 BTUs

  • High Setting - 80,000 BTUs

  • 22 Foot Length

These natural gas patio heaters are also wind resistant up to 12mph.

Check this link to get yours.

twin-eagles-natural-gas-patio-heaterTwin Eagles TEGH48-B Gas Infrared Heater 48-Inch

The stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting and durable product that will withstand the elements while the powerful infrared heater offers two heat settings:

  • Low Output at 25,000 BTU

  • High Output at 37,000 BTU

The included wireless remote offers ease of use with no electrical wiring required while the spark ignition and safety pilot allow easy startup with safe use.

The safety grill provides shielding from wind up to 15 MPH and includes mounting brackets and gas hoses.

Purchase one of these gas patio heaters here.

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