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Best Propane Gas Range Brands

Best Propane Gas Range Brands

Are you looking for a gas range for your kitchen? While there's the option of buying electric ranges, electricity is much more expensive compared to gas. So, if you're a home cook, it'd be best if you invest in a reliable range to serve your home cooking hobby.

However, there are countless brands out there that sell ranges with varying functions and quality. Since gas ranges are already an expensive investment, you have to make sure you get one from a brand that values high quality, reliability, and longevity.

This is where we step in. If you're unsure about what to pick, our list of the best propane gas range brands of 2022 will help you get started. So, read on!

Best Propane Gas Range Brands of 2023

Here's our compiled list of the best gas range brands.

1. Kucht Ranges

Kucht Ranges

Kucht manufactures some of the best gas ranges for cooking at home. The brand offers a myriad of options to choose from according to your needs and kitchen size. For instance, you can purchase a 48-inch, 36-inch, or 30-inch range to fit in your cooking space.

Another feature that makes Kucht ranges special is their cooking power. The brand boasts heavy-duty burners with an average range of 9,000-25,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs), which guarantees you well-cooked food and evenly distributed heat.

On top of that, the ranges come with cast iron durable grates and porcelain surfaces and interiors for higher durability and easier cleaning. The only issue with most of Kucht's gas ranges is that they aren't easily movable. So if you renovate a lot, you'll need help moving your range around.

As a bonus point, any Kucht freestanding gas range you buy comes with a 4-year warranty.

2. ZLine Ranges

Zline Ranges

ZLine produces professional-grade, luxurious ranges at affordable prices and goes the extra mile by providing quality customer service and warranty.

Any ZLine freestanding gas range you choose guarantees you a high oven capacity, a sturdy stainless steel exterior, and a number of burners with high BTUs. If you often cook in multiple pots at once, you'll love the space you have.

Although you won't find a ZLine gas range with air fry, the brand focuses on durability and functionality rather than smart features. For instance, all of its gas ranges come with adjustable legs, grates made from cast iron, and porcelain surfaces. Also, if you want a double oven to save space in your kitchen, you'll find products that fit your needs.

The ranges come in two colors, silver and black, so you can choose the one that goes with your kitchen design. The only catch with ZLine gas ranges is that they're a bit loud.

3. Forno Ranges

Forno Gas Range

Forno is a revolutionary kitchen brand that delivers unmatched and high-precision cooking appliances, all while combining style and safety.

Forno caters to aspiring home cooks by providing multiple ranges at varying price points. They maintain a consistent style that'll neatly fit in your kitchen and adhere to current trends.

Since each product comes with five burners at the minimum, cooking multiple dishes will be a breeze. On top of that, Forno provides ranges with sizes starting at 30 to 48 inches, so you can pick what fits in your kitchen. They all include continuous cast-iron grates for pot transfer and sealed burners to guarantee easy cleaning in case of spillage.

Oven space varies from one product to another, but Forno has a few double oven gas range models. Moreover, you don't have to open the oven to check on your meal thanks to the halogen lighting. And the convection fan included in each model guarantees even heat distribution and quick cooking.

4. Forza Ranges

Forza Ranges

With high-quality brass burners, spacious oven capacities, and sleek Italian designs, Forza offers some of the best gas ranges on the market. They all have porcelain surfaces for easier cleaning and halogen lamps for better visibility of the meals cooking inside.

On top of that, Forza ranges come with double broiler systems, stainless steel finishes, and powerful burners to give you the best cooking experience possible. While they aren't specifically designed for air frying, their convection gas ovens provide top-notch heat distribution that you can use to achieve similar results.

The issues you might encounter if you purchase a Forza gas range are the loud sound of the cooling fan and the excessively powerful burners that can cause you to overcook your meals if you aren't experienced enough in the kitchen. Also, the brand doesn't offer slide-in double oven ranges, only electric ones.

5. Superiore Ranges

Superiore Ranges

Whether you want a traditional gas range with four burners and a stainless steel exterior or a luxurious range with six burners and a stylish black design, Superiore has it all. The brand strikes a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, as it manufactures sleek-looking ranges that perform excellently in the kitchen.

Superiore's ranges come with glass doors that give you a clear view of what's cooking inside. Also, some of them come with one-hand ignition knobs to make it easier for you to deal with the oven if your hands are busy.

Most Superiore gas ranges have 2-4 convection fans to ensure efficient circulation of hot air around the entire oven capacity. If you want to air-fry your meals but don't own a designated fryer, you'll be impressed by their ability to cook meals evenly.

But there's always the catch, and here, it's the lack of stylish designs to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Propane Gas Range

Here are a few factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a propane gas range.

Slide-in or Freestanding?

Slide-in ranges are specifically designed to fit between kitchen cabinets, so their sides and backs are unfinished. Meanwhile, freestanding ranges can fit anywhere, not necessarily next to cabinets.

While a slide-in range is ideal for filling spaces between cabinets and gives you better access to the oven controls, it costs more without much of a functional difference. So only consider it if you're willing to pay extra money for a dash of luxury.


Ranges come in many sizes, the most common being 48, 36, and 30 inches. To decide on the size you should get, you have to measure your kitchen first. If you don't have enough space, then you're better off with a small model. But if you have ample space that you're looking to fill, you can shop among the bigger versions.


Gas ranges' outputs are measured in BTUs, with the average number ranging from 6,000 to 18,000 per hour. The higher the range's BTUs are, the more efficient the appliance is.

Most ranges nowadays can give you varying BTU outputs through different burners so that you don't undercook or overcook a meal. These are the best to purchase, especially if you're a beginner cook.

Safety Features

Kitchen appliances are an open invitation to accidents, especially if there are pets or little kids running around. That's why it's essential you take a look at a range's safety features before you purchase it.


Repairing malfunctioning kitchen appliances can be quite expensive, so warranties are a must when purchasing a gas range. A long-term warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that if the appliance you buy is faulty, you'll be able to repair or fix it without extra costs.

To Wrap Up

Are you looking for the best gas range on the market nowadays? Take a look at our list of the best propane gas range brands.

While Kucht manufactures ranges most suitable for home use, ZLine specializes in professional-grade appliances that you can purchase if you're an expert chef.

Overall, they're all competent brands that manufacture high-quality and functional propane gas ranges at relatively affordable prices!

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