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Summerset Sizzler Pro 32 Review

Summerset Sizzler Pro 32 Review

Design and Features

What immediately struck me about the Sizzler PRO Series grill was its robust manufacture. Engineered with #443 stainless steel, designed for resilience and longevity, this product guarantees a long-lasting cooking experience. Plus, the double-lined hood ensures uniform heat distribution while thick stainless steel grates provide remarkable thermal storage duration and strength.

One of the standout features of this grill is the captured briquette trays, which sit above the burner to provide even radiant heat across the 740in² cooking surface. The ceramic briquettes also eliminate hot and cold zones within the grill, ensuring your food is cooked evenly.

Featuring a Flame Thrower Ignition, this grill is equipped with four heavy-duty cast stainless steel burners boasting an impressive 14,000 BTUs each. This reliable ignition system produces a burst of flame to light the tube burners much more efficiently than conventional spark ignitions.

Upgrade your backyard barbecues with the Sizzler PRO Series 32-inch grill, which is equipped with a 15,000 BTU infrared back burner that's perfect for preparing rotisserie dishes. You can purchase the optional rotisserie kit to make restaurant-style meals right in your own space!

You have the freedom to select between propane and natural gas fuel types for your grill, so that it fits perfectly in accordance with your individual requirements.


Performance is everything when it comes to grilling, and the Sizzler PRO Series 32-inch grill surpassed all expectations. The heat output was phenomenal with each of its four burners having an impressive 14,000 BTU rating. Additionally, the captured briquette trays ensured my food cooked evenly from top to bottom while also imparting a distinctive flavor that absolutely delighted me!

Additionally, the analog temperature gauge that is affixed on the outside of the hood was a huge advantage; it enabled me to keep tabs on my grilling heat levels in order to make appropriate adjustments.

Overall, I found that the Sizzler PRO Series 32-inch grill performed exceptionally well. It’s a high-quality grill that’s perfect for anyone who loves to cook and entertain outside.

Pros and Cons

While there are some positive aspects to this grill, it might not be the best fit for everyone.



High-quality construction

Expensive compared to some other grills

Even radiant heat

Heavy, making it difficult to move

Flame Thrower Ignition

No side burner

Infrared back burner

No rotisserie kit included

Available in propane or natural gas

Comparison to Other Grills

The Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch falls somewhere in between the Weber Summit S-470 and the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 in terms of size, features, and price. 

The Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch offers a larger grilling surface than the Weber Summit S-470 and has a similar number of burners and BTU output. 

However, the Weber Summit S-470 does have a side burner and a rotisserie kit included, which may be important features for some users. 

In contrast, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 has twice as many burners and a bigger grilling area than Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch. However, it also comes with a hefty price tag.

Advantages and Disadvantages

After testing out the Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:


Solid stainless steel construction for durability and longevity

Captured briquette trays provide even radiant heat across the cooking surface and eliminate hot and cold zones

Flame Thrower Ignition is much more reliable than traditional spark ignition systems

Infrared back burner for professional style rotisserie cooking

Built-in temperature gauge and interior lights for easy monitoring of food

Available for both propane and natural gas


No side burner or rotisserie kit included

Price is on the higher end for a built-in gas grill

The Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch is a top-notch built-in gas grill that offers lasting durability. It may be more expensive than other models, but the solid stainless steel construction and exclusive features such as Flame Thrower Ignition and captured briquette trays make it worth every penny. All in all, this product stands out from its competitors because of these unique characteristics 

Final Thoughts

After an extended testing period, we can assure you that the Summerset Sizzler PRO Series 32 inch is a leading built-in gas grill. It features impeccable stainless steel construction with exclusive qualities such as Flame Thrower Ignition and briquette trays for optimal grilling results. Though it may be priced higher than other models on the market, the quality and performance are worth every penny of your investment—we strongly vouch for this product!

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