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Delta Heat Vs Blaze Grills

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Grilling outdoors is a popular pastime with friends and families. And when it comes to best-value grill brands that offer quality cooking experiences, two brands compete for their customers' approval.

This Delta Heat Vs. Blaze Grills article gives you a quick comparison of their features to help you decide which is better.

First off, let's get to know the basics. Delta Heat and Blaze gas grills are residential units for all outdoor kitchens. Delta Heat is manufactured by the US company Twin Eagles, while Blaze Grills are imported from China.

Both brands claim to offer premium-quality grills with luxurious looks to match both indoor and outdoor kitchen setups. But which one's better? Let's look at their features and see how their differences fit your requirements.

Size Comparison

Delta Heat grills come in three sizes, while Blaze has six, which are spread across three product lines. Here's an overview of their variations:

Delta Heat Grills

  • 26" Outdoor gas grill

  • 32" Outdoor gas grill

  • 38" Outdoor gas grill

Blaze Gas Grills

  • 34" Professional LUX

  • 44" Professional LUX

  • 32" Premium LTE

  • 40" Premium LTE

  • 25" Prelude LBM

  • 32" Prelude LBM

Pros and Cons of Large or Small Grill Sizes

The size differences matter as they define the cooking space you'll work on when grilling. It's also crucial when you have specific events in mind.

Bigger commercial usage, like restaurants, will need wider grills. In contrast, family dinners of four to ten people will do well with the smaller units.

Knowing the perfect grill size is necessary to ensure tasty results. Grilling meat on a crowded cooking surface may result in bland cuisine. It also takes more time, especially if you have lots of food to prepare.

On the other hand, using large grills when you only plan to grill less food doesn't always guarantee efficient cooking. Plus, big units are more challenging to clean.

Before selecting a size, identify your purpose for using it and how big the crowd you plan to serve is.


To get a comprehensive overview of Delta Heat and Blaze Grills' functions, we'll focus our spec comparison between the brands' two best-value units: Delta Heat's 32" Outdoor Gas Grill and Blaze's 32" Premium LTE.

Cooking Surface

Delta Heat 32-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill (Natural Gas) - DHBQ32G-D-N

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Delta Heat has 525 square inches of primary grilling space plus a 239 square inch warming rack, serving as its secondary grilling area. This totals 764 square inches of working space. On the other hand, Blaze Grill has a total of only 715 square inches of cooking surface.

The grill brands' secondary grilling areas are essential for holding more food and add-on ingredients. This feature makes it a fine addition to your kitchen equipment, especially for big events.

One of the vital grill features that Blaze has the edge over Delta Heat is its cooking zone dividers, which separate the cooking surface into individual temperature zones. This allows a dynamic range of heat distribution across its burners from low to high temperatures.


Both brands have stainless steel burners. Delta Heat has three 18-gauge stainless steel U-shaped burners, while Blaze has four cast stainless steel ones.

Both brands also have a Rotisserie back burner. A complete rotisserie kit is included in Delta Heat grills, while Blaze has it as an add-on for a price.

Upgrading with a sear burner is optional for both, while smoke burners are unavailable to any of their units.


Delta Heat has 15,500 BTUs per burner compared to Blaze's 14,000. But since Blaze has four burners compared to the other's three, its total BTU is higher.

Ignition System

Delta Heat uses a 9 -volt battery, while Blaze utilizes flame throwers. Both systems are efficient, though some prefer the flame thrower ignition on gas valves for convenience. Batteries need regular replacements for heavy-duty use, which might be a drawback for some.

In terms of the flame thrower system, most issues aren't in its mechanism but in the gas valves. And since there are no aftermarket replacement parts for this, repairs might be required, which in most cases, costs more.

How these Specs Affect the Cooking Experience

A larger cooking space with more cooking power allows you to cook more food faster. Having efficient gas grill burners also ensures direct heat distribution without affecting food taste.

Gas Types

Blaze 32-Inch 4-Burner LTE Gas Grill With Rear Burner and Built-in Lighting System - BLZ-4LTE2

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Both brands use natural gas and liquid propane, depending on the specific unit. Ideally, you'll need to stick to the recommended gas type of your chosen unit to be safe.

There are already methods to shift fuel types, though tinkering with the grill's installation requires experience and caution.

There's no difference between natural gas and liquid propane performance. However, you might want to consider your accessibility to these fuel types. Natural gas is widely available and almost always ensures you don't run out of fuel.

Liquid propane, on the other hand, is preferred for portability. But to ensure you don't run out of fuel when grilling, you're encouraged to get a spare propane tank.

Material Types

Delta Heat grills and Blaze units are built using 304 stainless steel. This means the construction has a superior heat shield and resistance to common outdoor hazards.

Their stainless steel body also adds to their sleek look, perfect to match any kitchen styles you've set up outdoors.

Other practical advantages of stainless steel include the following:

  • Rust-resistant even with consistent usage

  • Easy maintenance

  • Even heat distribution across the BBQ grill

Delta Heat's main advantage in design is its ceramic briquettes flame tamers, which enable better radiant heat distribution around the stainless steel cooking grates.

Many users prefer ceramic briquettes because of their durability and low maintenance. They also have better heat retention even after turning off the grill, which saves you fuel and energy.


Choosing the best grill model for your outdoor kitchen requires you to consider its features. Units made from 304 stainless steel guarantee premium performance. Hence, it's best to go for grill brands that use this raw material as their main body component.

While both brands above offer quality performance, we think Delta Heat is a better choice overall.

Although it has lesser size options than Blaze Grills, the opportunities for accessory upgrades like the sear burner for its infrared sear zone are too essential to ignore.

We've also considered the accessibility to spare parts. Since Blaze Grills import their items, acquiring replacement accessories may not come easy compared to Delta Heat, which is locally produced.

Regardless, your preference takes precedence. If you need large grills, Blaze has better alternatives. Take time to identify the features you want and see which of these two premium brands can provide your needs.

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