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Delta Heat Vs Twin Eagles

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Your outdoor kitchen setup won't be complete without a piece of grilling equipment. And when it comes to durable, long-lasting gas grills, two brand names stand at the top of buyers' lists. Today's post is about Delta Heat vs Twin Eagles feature comparison to help you decide which one better fits your grilling preference.

At the end of this article, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive reference on what each brand offers and how they might fit your preference.

Delta Heat VS Twin Eagles: Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Delta Heat  32-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill (Natural Gas) - DHBQ32G-D-N

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Before diving into the differences between these brands' features, it's important to note that they're both designed by the same manufacturer - Twin Eagles. This company is an award-winning US manufacturer known for producing premium kitchen appliance structures and designs.

While Delta Heat and Twin Eagles are sister brands created with top-grade construction, they're not built with the same features. Let's look at each of their specs and see which is right for you.


Twin Eagles have four sizes to choose from, 30", 36", 42", and 54". Delta Heat, on the other hand, only has three, 26", 32", and 38".

Looking at these selections, the Twin Eagles grill is an easy option for commercial use because of its bigger cooking space, as it allows the units to grill more meat at once. Meanwhile, the Delta Heat grills will be more efficient on a residential setup, perfect for home use and family gatherings.

Body Construction and Burner Style

The Delta Heat and Twin Eagles gas grills are built using 304 stainless steel. This raw material is known for being resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Its melting point range is also superior, allowing it to withstand high temperatures, which is essential when grilling for long periods.

Both brands have U-shaped stainless steel burners, efficient for transitioning between low and high gas flow while barbecuing or grilling.

Burner Upgrades

There are two burner upgrade options for Delta Heat and Twin Eagles:

Sear burner

A sear burner kit is optional for both brands, though Twin Eagle's 54" unit has this as a standard accessory. This upgrade is essential to get that outside crisp on steaks while retaining their tender, juicy feel.

Infrared rotisserie burner

Delta Heat's rotisserie back burner requires an external rotisserie motor to install. In contrast, Twin Eagle has it as an integrated rotisserie. This accessory is a standard on the former's 54" unit and isn't available on a 26" Delta Heat grill.

BTUs Per Burner and Grill Gauge

Twin Eagles' grills have 25,000 BTUs per burner with 14 gauge steel compared to Delta Heat grills' 15,000 BTUs with 18 gauge steel.

Higher BTUs mean greater heat power, while low-number gauges mean thicker steel. So Twin Eagles is the winner in this feature.

Ignition Type

Twin Eagles uses hot surface ignition powered by electricity, while Delta Heat uses its 9V battery.

Both are proven convenient, though electrical-powered units are known to consume more energy, which can increase your electricity bills.

Heat Distribution System

Twin Eagles  36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill - TEBQ36

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Both brands use ceramic briquettes, which help in the even distribution of radiant heat around the grills' cooking area. A major advantage of this type of material is its ability to retain heat longer, even after the grill is turned off.

In terms of regulating the temperature level, the Twin Eagles grill has an edge because of its zone dividers, which separate the burners, allowing more flexibility in adjusting each area to different temperatures.

This means you can cook different food on each burner at varied heat levels.

Cooking Grates

Twin Eagles uses hexagonal stainless steel rods compared to Delta Heat's round rod grates. To understand how this difference matters, it's important to understand what a cooking grate does.

Grates are the surface where you grill meat. Their shape variations determine the quality of heat transfer, retention, and food quality. Rod grates are the most common type and are proven to provide an even surface that radiates sufficient direct heat to the food.

Hexagonal cooking grates are recent design innovations to widen the grilling area, thus enhancing heat transfer quality to the food being cooked.


Accessories are optional but affect your overall convenience when using the equipment. Here are a few of the essential accessories to consider:

  • Warming rack

  • Smoker box

  • LED control panel lights

  • Interior halogen lights

  • Hood assist

  • Freestanding carts

Twin Eagles grills have three warming rack positions compared to Delta Heat's one. This is a plus when grilling multiple types of meat. You can use the extra two racks to keep some of them warm while you finish up another set.

Delta Heat grills, unfortunately, don't have a smoker box. This item is used as a wood chips container. It helps add flavor to your food for a full-fledged barbecue experience.

Both brands are equipped with LED and halogen lights, essential for illuminating the main cooking area, especially at night. These lights change color to reflect temperature variations from warm and hot to searing.

The hood assist system offers a seamless cooking experience. It's efficient at trapping heated air inside the grilling surface to increase heat levels.

Last on our list are the freestanding carts that aid your grill's mobility. Delta Heat grills and Twin Eagles' carts feature storage compartments where you can put food and kitchen utensils to use when grilling.

Price Range

Twin Eagles has the higher price point between the two ranging from $5,000 to $14,000 depending on the unit. Delta Heat's product line costs range from $2,000 to $5,000.

While there's a considerable difference in the price range between the two brands, it's important to consider the inclusions of each unit. For instance, Twin Eagle's flagship Eagle One already has a rotisserie system with a fully-integrated motor, which you'll have to buy separately if you purchase Delta Heat.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

Based on the features we've provided above, it's easy to see how both brands guarantee quality. They're both created for efficiency and power, with an intuitive control panel for easy use, even for beginners.

Choosing the right brand depends largely on your purpose and budget. A Twin Eagles unit is designed with an unmatched, sleek modern look that's perfect for any outdoor kitchen. It's a brand fit for both heavy-duty function and daily use.

However, its price range can be a turnoff for those on budget. Delta Heat addresses this issue with its more affordable options. The brand doesn't compromise quality with lower cost, though opportunities to upgrade are minimal compared to Twin Eagles.

Delta Heat can also be an excellent option for beginners who use grills sparingly.

Wrapping Up

Finding the ultimate grilling package requires looking at the product's main features and accessories. Twin Eagles and Delta Heat gas grills are a quality addition to your outdoor kitchen.

If you have the budget and want a unit with a lifetime warranty, then Twin Eagles is a great choice. If you want something more low-key for family use, then Delta Heat is a good starter unit.

Either way, you get premium quality products that deliver a state-of-the-art grilling experience!

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