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Blaze Grills Review

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Grilling is a deep-rooted American tradition that brings family and friends together during summer. From chicken, burgers, kebabs, and seafood to veggies, you can cook a variety of meals in a grilling space.

Whether you're a grill master or just starting out, choosing the right grill for your outdoor kitchen can make a difference in your cooking style. So today, we're bringing you a complete Blaze Grills review, a brand that's made a name in the outdoor cooking niche.

If you're looking for a new grill, get ready to discover what makes the Blaze Grill a perfect choice for your cooking needs.

What are the Best Blaze Grills?

Blaze Grills products are manufactured with durable materials, possess versatile features, and are more affordable compared to other brands. In this review, you'll find the best Blaze Grills for you.

1. Blaze Professional 44-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Blaze Professional 44-Inch Built-In Gas Grill Click Here For Best Price


Create a great cooking space with the Blaze Professional 44-inch built-in gas grill. With a high-quality stainless steel exterior, this Blaze grill is set to last you for a lifetime.

Its stainless steel burners are the best on the market, offering up to 18,000 BTU per burner. And with heat zone separators, you've got the luxury of cooking everything at once, from chicken breasts to vegetables.

Top Features

  • 304 stainless steel components, offering rust resistance for durability in an outdoor kitchen

  • A total cooking power of 72,000 BTU for serious grilling

  • Infrared burner with a rotisserie kit for slow-roasting whole chickens and turkeys

  • With 1,050 square inches of cooking area, you can host a community

  • The removable warming rack is great for light buns

  • Heat zone dividers for grilling at different temperatures across the cooking surface

  • A removable drip pan that makes cleaning a breeze

  • Interior lights and illuminated control knobs for aesthetics and easy grilling at night

  • Flame tamers for protecting the burners and preventing flare-ups

  • A flame thrower ignition system that spreads flame across the Blaze gas grill burners with a simple turn of a knob


When compared to other luxury gas grills, Blaze Professional 44-inch built-in gas grill offers incredible features, yet, it's at the mid-end of the market. As a result, the market price is inch-perfect.

Bottom Line

The Blaze Professional 44-inch built-in gas grill is perfect for pit masters who do serious grilling. You're welcome to try using it as the company offers a lifetime warranty.

2. Blaze Marine Grade 4-Burner Premium LTE Grill

Blaze 4-burner marine grade LTE Click Here For Best Price


Constructed with 316 marine-grade stainless steel, the Blaze Premium LTE grill is a commercial quality unit for grill masters in the coastal region. It's available in the liquid propane and natural gas models, including a cart type for convenience.

Top Features

  • Its stainless steel components are resistant to corrosion and perfect for saltwater areas

  • Impress your friends with four separate burners, a cooking power of 14,000 BTU per burner, plus an infrared rotisserie burner that offers 10,000 BTU

  • The exterior has a double-lined hood to protect it from heat discoloration, keeping your Blaze Grill new and shiny

  • Light up the stainless steel burners faster with the flame thrower ignition or use the crossovers and flash tube system

  • With heat zone separators, you can set up different temperatures for the cooking surface

  • The stainless steel flame tamers shield the burners from drips that could result in flare-ups

  • The interior lights on the grilling surface and control knobs enable you to grill up happiness on barbeque nights


Compared to other gas grills, the Blaze Premium LTE Marine Grade grill offers a more affordable price with top-notch features.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for gas grills that are approved for multi-user application, the Blaze Premium LTE grill is what you need. You can use it in condos, apartments, resorts, and more.

3. Blaze Professional LUX 34-Inch 3-Burner Gas Grill

Blaze Professional LUX 34-inch 3-burner grill Click Here For Best Price


The Blaze Professional LUX 34-inch grill stands tall in the world of gas grills. It utilizes less fuel to generate more heat, which makes it an eco-friendly model. And with a lifetime warranty, you rest assured of the quality.

Top Features

  • The interior and exterior stainless steel components ensure lasting durability

  • Offers three 304 stainless steel burners with a rotisserie kit for versatility

  • The flame stabilizing system doesn't only reduce flare-ups but also adds flavor to the food

  • The stainless steel burners offer a total cooking power of 52,000 BTU, allowing you to grill various foods at your desired temperature

  • A full-width grease tray collects all the drippings and grease, so you don't have to worry about making a mess in your outdoor kitchen

  • Enhance your cooking performance with the stainless steel flame tamers and heat zone separators that make you grill like a pro

  • The illuminated control knobs and lights around the cooking area create an artistic ambiance for grilling at night

  • The removable warming rack comes in handy for slow cooking


The Blaze Professional LUX 34-inch grill sits at the mid-end of the price range compared to other models. But you'll benefit from its luxury features.

Bottom Line

With various impressive features, the Blaze Professional LUX is one you'd want to show off to your friends and family members. In addition, since it uses less gas, you're sure to save costs in the long run.

4. Blaze 40-Inch 5-Burner LTE Gas Grill

Blaze 40-inch 5-burner lte grill Click Here For Best Price


If you're cooking for a big family or the entire neighborhood, the Blaze 40-inch 5-burner LTE gas grill won't disappoint. It's designed with your outdoor kitchen in mind and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

Top Features

  • Offers five 304 stainless steel burners that will last a long time in your outdoor kitchen, come rain or shine

  • Strike the perfect sear marks with the heavy-duty triangular cooking rods

  • Get a total of 80,000 BTU on the cooking surface and rotisserie burner

  • The removable warming rack offers a nice spot to cook crunchy potatoes to accompany the grilled meats

  • For even heat distribution, the unit utilizes a flame thrower ignition system and an alternative if it becomes faulty

  • With a wide drip pan, cleaning doesn't have to be a chore

  • The double-lined hood ensures heat retention and protection from the elements

  • The heat zone separators allow you to create individual temperature zones for more control while grilling

  • The accent lights and halogen hood bulbs make nighttime grilling fun


Unlike other premium gas grills, the Blaze 40-inch 5-burner LTE grill offers an average price range with innovative features.

Bottom Line

With a 5-burner Blaze gas grill, you can cook for a large crowd. It's also a suitable choice if you're looking for a commercial-grade unit at an affordable price.

5. Blaze 30-Inch Built-in Gas Griddle LTE Grill

Blaze 30-inch gas griddle LTE grill Click Here For Best Price


Your outdoor kitchen won't be complete without the Blaze 30-inch gas griddle LTE grill. Its two U-shaped 304 stainless steel burners and griddle surface give you the right amount of heat needed to cook any recipe.

Top Features

  • The interior and exterior are made with 304 stainless steel components for lasting quality

  • With 495 square inches of cooking area and a total cooking power of 36,000 BTU, you can conveniently cook for a family of six

  • Heat up the unit in record time with the push-and-turn ignition or use the cross tubes and flash tube as a backup for achieving a reliable flame

  • A full-width grease tray with an opening at the middle of the unit keeps things neat and makes cleaning easy

  • For extra protection, the unit comes with a stainless steel lid to cover the griddle surface when you're not grilling

  • Illuminated control knobs increase the aesthetics of the grill, especially in the dark

  • The lifetime warranty covers the stainless steel burners, control valves, griddle plate, and exterior body


When compared with other models in the same category, the Blaze 30-inch gas griddle LTE grill is at the low end of the bar but doesn't compromise on its quality. As a result, its price range is affordable.

Bottom Line

The Blaze 30-inch gas griddle LTE grill is ideal if you want a long-lasting, compact unit for a small-sized family without spending a fortune.

6. Blaze 20-Inch Cast Aluminum Kamado

Blaze cast aluminum kamado Click Here For Best Price


Kamado grills are made of ceramics, but the first cast aluminum kamado grill comes from Blaze. The 20-inch unit uses wood or charcoal and offers excellent heat distribution and retention.

Top Features

  • For long-lasting quality, the entire unit is crafted with cast aluminum

  • The exhaust cap is molded to precision and can handle the heat intensity without damaging or falling off

  • The cooking grates provide fancy sear marks on your food

  • The lid has a hinge that allows you to open and close the grill with ease

  • The cooking surface is hinged on both sides, making adding charcoal or wood easy without lifting the entire cooking grates.

  • The lid is properly sealed to ensure heat retention.

  • Another cooking space is available beneath the 20-inch cooking grates for cooking close to the heat source.


Without a doubt, kamado grills are expensive. However, the Blaze kamado grill is a mid-range product that offers more cooking space than its competition.

Bottom Line

The Blaze 20-inch cast aluminum kamado grill is ideal if you love versatility. The unit allows you to cook, roast, smoke, and grill food at a steady temperature.

Blaze 32-Inch Charcoal Grill

Blaze 32-inch charcoal grill Click Here For Best Price


With a complete stainless steel finish and sleek design, the Blaze 32-inch charcoal grill will become a centerpiece in your outdoor kitchen. It's large enough to cook for a big family, and the features make it easy for beginners to use.

Top Features

  • 304 stainless steel components make it heavy but durable

  • If you need enough room to work, the unit packs 550 square inches of cooking area

  • Four removable cooking grids that allow you to add charcoal or wood while grilling

  • Clean-up is easy with this grill as it features a removable ashtray

  • The charcoal tray can be lowered or raised to regulate the temperature of the unit

  • The lid is double-layered to keep the smoke in for tastier meals

  • A double-lined hood protects it from discoloration due to heat


The Blaze 32-inch charcoal grill competes well with high-end models. However, it offers an affordable price point with a quality build and additional features.

Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy the smoky flavor of charcoal in your barbeque but don't want the hassles of cleaning a grill, then the Blaze 32-inch charcoal grill is for you. Every part of the unit is accessible, and there's a tray that collects ash.

7. Blaze Prelude LBM 32-Inch 4-Burner Gas Grill

Blaze prelude lmb grill Click Here For Best Price


Featuring 304 stainless steel components, the Blaze Prelude LBM 32-inch 4-burner gas grill is designed to last. And with its multi-user application, you're sure the equipment can withstand the abuse of frequent use.

Top Features

  • Four stainless steel burners and heat zone separators for direct and indirect heat application

  • You'll get 740 square inches of cooking area and a total of 56,000 BTU from the entire surface

  • The searing rods are durable and resistant to sticking

  • The push and turn, as well as the alternate ignition systems, fire up the grill in record time

  • The flame stabilizing system keeps flare-ups at bay, ensuring your safety and that of guests

  • Grill time would be mess-free with the drip pan at the base

  • The unit is double-lined for additional protection from harsh weather conditions


The Blaze Prelude LBM 32-inch 4-burner grill is at the low end of the price point for a premium grill. This implies that you'll get all its unique features at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

From the burners and searing rods to the ignition system, the Blaze Prelude LBM 32-inch 4-burner grill is a superior quality unit. So if you're looking for a grill that you can hand over to the next generation, it's worth the investment.

8. Blaze Electric Grill

Blaze electric grill Click Here For Best Price


The Blaze electric grill has a classy appearance and is available in built-in, tabletop, and pedestal models. The unit is lightweight but heavy-duty in terms of features and quality.

Top Features

  • With a 1500-watt heating element, there's an even heat distribution for fast cooking

  • Although the unit is made of 304 stainless steel, it's water resistant for safe use outdoors

  • The searing rods make beautiful marks on food so you can impress your guests

  • The flame stabilizing grids increases the flavor of food and prevent your food from getting ruined due to high heat

  • Automatic temperature control for ease of use

  • If you forget to turn off the unit, it has an automated shut-off feature for safety

  • The drip tray collects drippings and keeps things neat

  • The tabletop model has adjustable feet for stability on rough surfaces

  • Weighing 55 lbs, the unit is portable and easy to move around


Compared to other electric grills, this Blaze Grills product offers an affordable range with premium features and a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

If you're wary of gas leaks or unwanted fires, the Blaze electric grill takes care of your worries. Also, the small unit size allows you to fit it anywhere, especially if you don't have sufficient space.

9. Blaze Professional LUX "Take It or Leave It" Portable Grill

Blaze Professional LUX portable grill Click Here For Best Price


The Blaze Professional LUX portable grill invites you to take on the power of Blaze grilling when you want to hit the road. There's also a marine-grade option for offshore grilling; you can choose the natural gas or propane type.

Top Features

  • Crafted with 304 stainless steel, the grill is rust-resistance, ensuring durability for all your road trips and camping

  • The unit offers 201 square inches and uses 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners for quick heating

  • Uses a flame thrower ignition system for even heat distribution

  • The liquid propane model uses propane tanks or cylinders, and it comes with a tank adapter

  • Although the grill is portable, it can attain a high temperature that's suitable for searing steaks

  • The lid has claps for secure locking in transit or during storage


The Blaze Professional LUX portable grill offers a mid-end price range compared to other luxury portable models. However, it doesn't fall short of quality.

Bottom Line

Whether you're tailgating, hiking, camping, or hanging out at a park, the Blaze Professional LUX portable grill fits into your outdoor adventures.

Who Should Buy a Blaze Grill?

Blaze Grills are reliable and built to withstand high heat. Also, the burners are professionally crafted to deliver an amazing cooking experience. So whether you're a rookie or a pitmaster, you can't go wrong with the stainless steel components, a rotisserie kit, an opportunity to choose between gas, charcoal, and electric, and a lifetime warranty.

Wrap Up

This Blaze Grills review discussed the unique features of the gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills, and kamado that the manufacturer offers at a modest price. So if you're ready to grill like a pro, you should check out the freestanding models that come with a stainless steel cabinet or built-in models. You can also check out our comparison of Delta Heat vs. Blaze Grills to find more options.

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