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Delta Heat Grills Review

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Thinking of purchasing a heat grill unit? This Delta Heat grills review breaks down the key features to help you make the final pick.

Enjoying afternoon barbecue is a typical family tradition. And to ensure you serve great food for your loved ones, you'll need high-quality grills. Today's Delta Heat grills review shows the best features of this top-rated brand and why it's among its users' most trusted outdoor grills.

Who Is Delta Heat?

Delta Heat is a trusted manufacturer of residential barbecue grills from the US. It's designed and produced by Twin Eagles, an established manufacturer of high-quality kitchen equipment.

Compared to its parent company with a more extensive product selection, Delta Heat focuses on producing luxurious grills at affordable prices. Accessories like standalone burners, sear zone kits, and kitchen drawers are also available as add-on products.

Overview of Delta Heat Grills Variation

  1. Delta Heat 38-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best Overall

  2. Delta Heat 32-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best Value for Money

  3. Delta Heat 26-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best for Budget

Delta Heat Outdoor Grill Features

While Delta Heat has three different size variations, they all share the same features that make them stand out among their competitors.

Here's a list of their key aspects:

  • 304 stainless steel gas grill build

  • Temperature gauge

  • LED lights on the control knobs

  • Interior halogen lights

  • 9V electronic ignition

  • Option for direct heat or ceramic radiant heat system

  • Double-lined hood

  • Seamless welded construction with a mirror-polished finish

  • Safe and easy-to-open hood assist system

  • 18-gauge stainless steel U-burners (vary in number depending on upgrade option)

  • Option to integrate infrared sear burner and rotisserie as upgrades

  • Inclusion of warming or cooking rack

  • Two-position rotisserie burner with heavy-duty stainless steel motor

The 3 Delta Heat Gas Grills Sizes

Now, let's look at Delta Heat's three different gas grill sizes. We'll discuss their main features and tell you the upgrade options available for each size.

1. Delta Heat 38-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best Overall

Delta Heat | 38-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - DHBQ38G-D-L and DHBQ38G-D-N

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As the biggest unit in its product line, Delta Heat 38-inch offers enough space for your grilling needs. Its 625 square inches of cooking surface guarantees more capacity to cook meat at once.

If you need more space, its secondary cooking room measuring 210 square inches will be a lovely addition. Grilling at night would be fine as well with the unit's halogen lights, enough to illuminate its wide grilling capacity.

With all the space this Delta Heat unit has, it's difficult not to put it on our top list. The wide area for cooking and its powerful 49,500 BTU heating power is a must-have for special events spent with loved ones and guests.

Why We Like It:

  • Durable stainless steel construction with a huge cooking space

  • Option to use natural gas or propane gas

  • Classy look that looks great for outdoor cooking

Upgrade Options:

2. Delta Heat 32-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best Value for Money

Delta Heat | 32-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill (Natural Gas) - DHBQ32G-D-N

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Delta Heat 32-inch variation is the perfect balance for the brand's quality build and an average size ideal for small to medium group gatherings.

It can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane and sports a 525 square inches cooking area. An extra 174 square inch space with an adjustable warming rack makes a fine accessory for keeping your food warm as you finish grilling the rest.

Like the 38-inch variation, this unit delivers a heating capacity of 49,500 BTU, making it the best choice for users who want something smaller in size.

Why We Like It:

  • Average-sized perfect for all types of occasions

  • More affordable than the 38-inch option but offers the closest cooking space

  • Has an easy-to-use hood system

Upgrade Options:

3. Delta Heat 26-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill - Best for Budget

Delta Heat | 26-Inch Outdoor Gas Grill (Liquid Propane) - DHBQ26G-D-L

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Delta Heat 26-inch unit is recommended for personal and small family use. First-time users might also want this for its lower price point.

With its primary grilling space of 420 square inches and a 189 square inches secondary rack, you'll have enough cooking area to prepare food for five to six people in one go. Its built-in temperature gauge alerts you of converted heat levels while its lid is closed.

It features a 33,000 BTU and is easier to clean because of its size.

Why We Like It:

  • Smaller size, making it more portable than the rest

  • Lower price points with same-level quality as the other variations

  • Compatibility with liquid propane gas

Upgrade Options:

Alternative Delta Heat Grill

Delta Heat's three main variations already offer users power, portability, and efficiency. But if you want a closer alternative with a more minimalist look, here's the unit for you.

Delta Heat 32-inch Teppanyaki Gas Grill

Delta Heat | 32-Inch Teppanyaki Gas Grill - DHTG32-L and DHTG32-N

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This unit works with both natural gas and liquid propane. It's also built with a 304 stainless steel construction, plus a solid 5/16" thick griddle surface, efficient for sauteing veggies and preparing Hibachi-style meals.

While it falls a bit behind on heating power compared to the other three on this list, it's already an efficient unit for preparing meals on the go.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Delta Heat Grill

Since gas grills often share similar features, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. We've identified the key things to consider when buying your unit. Review each and see which Delta Heat unit fits your needs.


The first thing to consider when buying a gas grill is the materials used to build it. This defines the unit's capacity to withstand pressure due to constant usage and high temperature. Equipment made of stainless steel is ideal in any cooking area, especially outdoor cooking.

Delta Heat's cooking grates may not be made of steel, but that's to favor the usage of a more efficient raw material which is cast iron. This item is better at heat retention and distribution, making it ideal for grilling.


Think of this as an aesthetic consideration. Where do you want to place the gas grill? Since it's a cooking area accessory, you'd want something that looks great with the rest of your kitchen items or patio.

Go for something that looks nice but is also designed for practicality. Check on additional features like utensil hooks, access doors, and a built-in thermometer. What about the main burners? Are they proportionate with the whole grill design?

Grilling Space

Whether you prefer a natural gas or propane grill, the unit's main cooking area is important. If you have a huge kitchen or patio, bigger grills will be an excellent addition to occupy a designated space. The same applies if you're expecting to do lots of grilling with your family and friends.

On the other hand, smaller units like Delta Heat 26-inch will be more efficient in smaller cooking areas.

Fuel Type

Should you go for a propane grill or natural gas grill? The short answer is it depends. There's no performance difference between the two. With propane, it's always recommended to have a spare propane tank in case you run out. With access to natural gas, you don't run out of fuel.

All in all, identify which source you have access to and compare the cost.

Upgrade Options

Upgrading is essential, depending on what you cook. If you often sear meats or roast chickens, you need grills that can accommodate sear zones and a rotisserie burner. Delta Heat's 26- inch grill doesn't have this option, so you should go with the bigger versions.

You should also consider replacement parts. It's better to buy spare items from the same company as it ensures the same quality and maximum compatibility. Check with the shop and see if replacements are available.


How much cooking power do you need? More grilling means more BTU required, so you'd need to consider your usage. Delta Heat 32 and 38-inch grills have more power since they both have three burners compared to the 26-inch two stainless steel ones.

You must also consider the relationship between BTU and the unit's cooking space. The heating quality of a grill is measured by dividing its BTU by its cooking area. For Delta Heat, the BTU for the 32 and 38-inch units are at 49,500.

Considering the bigger space for the 38-inch grill, it's safe to say that the 32-inch variation has better heat transfer, allowing it to cook food faster.


The level of maintenance required for a grill matters because this may mean added cost. Cooking grates, for instance, are considered among the most difficult grill accessory to clean. Grease can be all over it.

Go for equipment that's easy to maintain and whose durable construction isn't affected by constant cleanup. Units like Delta Heat require low maintenance, which is a plus, especially if you use grills often.


Know the price of the unit and the add-on costs for upgrades. A one-burner grill will cost you lesser than those with a rotisserie back burner. If you're on a budget, you can always start with the basic units and then upgrade later.

User Reviews

Granted that you're satisfied with the grills' features, the next thing to consider is the reviews from other users. How was their experience using the devices? It helps to look at the pros and cons to understand the grills' satisfaction rating better.

Checking reviews not only helps you assess the quality of the material but also presents you with options available on the market.


All the terms and conditions in a product's warranty serve as your protection against factory defects and malfunctions. Before buying, take some time to review the items covered by the company's warranty service.

Delta Heat offers a lifetime warranty for its burners and stainless steel body. A 15-year warranty is given to cooking grates, while flame tamers and gas valves only have five. The remaining parts of the unit are under a 2-year warranty, while replacement of defective parts is accommodated within the first year from the date of purchase.

Is Delta Heat Worth It?

User experience is up to you, but if you want proven durability from an expert manufacturer, the brand is worth a try.

It has a decent warranty to back its items, and its units are easy to install. More importantly, they require less maintenance, which is an advantage, especially for new users.

Wrapping Up

Cooking food with gas grills requires the best equipment, and the market offers you several options.

Delta Heat's 38-inch is our best pick as it offers the widest cooking space, which is often the priority for outdoor cooking. Bigger space allows better mobility, thus, offering more convenience to users.

For beginners who don't need much-advanced use for a grill, the 26-inch choice is our recommended unit. It's lightweight, more affordable, and gets the basics done with proven quality.

Assess your preference, and take some time to read through Delta Heat's features before you shop.

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