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Dometic Mobar Review

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Whether you love entertaining your friends and family at your outdoor living space, or you are having a large event in a indoor or outdoor setting the Dometic Mobar units have you covered! The dometic mobar units are the ultimate mobile bar. In this article we will do a in depth Dometic Mobar review.

Dometic Mobar 550 Review - Author's Choice

Dometic Mobar 550S

The Dometic Mobar 550 beverage center is the cream of the crop if you're looking the ultimate mobile bar. This outdoor mobile bar is a dual zone cold storage beverage center with efficient compressor cooling technology with electronic controls for precise refrigeration.

Dometic Mobar 550 Top Features

Refrigeration: 5/5

The Dometic Mobar 550 is one of the only mobile beverage centers on the market with a dual zone cold storage compartment. Each zone can be controlled separately.

Storage: 5/5

The Dometic Mobar 550 has the most storage out of all the Dometic Mobar units. It has refrigerated cold storage, 2 drawers for dry storage, a rotomolded ice bucket, and 2 speed rails can be attached for even more storage.

Portability: 3/5

This unit is the largest is the largest of all of the Dometic outdoor mobile bar units. It comes with heavy duty wheels and a robust handle for portability. But, due to it's size it isn't as portable as the following Dometic Mobar units we will review.


  • Dual zone refrigerator

  • Modular dry storage

  • Weatherproof


  • Weighs 250 lbs

  • Only some accessories are included

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Dometic Mobar 300 Review - Most Convenient

Dometic Mobar 300S

The Dometic Mobar 300 is similar to the Dometic mobar 550 unit in that is has refrigeration, rotomolded ice bucket, and the ability to attach up to 3 accessories. However, this unit is not as robust as it's larger counter part.

Dometic Mobar 300 Top Features

Refrigeration: 4/5

This outdoor mobile bar unlike most mobile bars on the market, has a refrigerated compartment. However, we only score it a 4/5 due to it only having a single zone refrigerator, unlike the Dometic Mobar 550 that has the ability to control the upper and lower portion of the refrigerator separately.

Storage: 4/5

The Mobar 300 has more than enough space for storage if you're looking to socialize outdoors with a couple of friends. But, the space offered is nearly half of the space offered in the Mobar 500.

Portability: 5/5

Where the Mobar 300 wins over the larger Dometic Mobar 550 is in its portability. It has a great mix between superb cooling performance, superior ice retention, and portability. This unit only weighs in at about 150 lbs.


  • Large cold storage capacity

  • Heavy duty wheels

  • Rotomolded Ice Bucket


  • Single Zone refrigerator

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Dometic Mobar 50 Review - Most Affordable

Dometic Mobar 50S

The Dometic Mobar 50 is is the most affordable option out of the three options. It is also the outdoor mobile bar with the least features. It's basically like a higher end standard feature outdoor mobile bar. It does not have refrigeration, but it does the the same superior ice retention as the other models.

Refrigeration: 0/5

We give the Dometic Mobar 50 a 0/5 on refrigeration because, it doesn't have a refrigerator.

Storage: 5/5

Even though the Dometic Mobar 50 is a super compact unit, it has a ton of storage space! We love recommending this for people who don't need their drinks refirgerated, or want an extra mobile bar cart for larger events. It pairs very well with the Dometic Mobar 500.

Portability: 5/5

This is the most portable option, it has very versatile design features. Paired with the extension table accessory, it has a decent amount of counter space to cut some lemons or other condiments. The weight comes in at a mere 65 lbs. So it's sturdy, yet super high quality.



  • Super portable

  • Separate rotomolded ice cooler

  • Professional accessories


  • No Refrigeration

  • MinimalSpace for cutting/serving drinks

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Buyer's Guide for Dometic Mobile Bar

What will you be using the mobile bar for?

For larger events you will definitely want to choose the Dometic Mobar 550. It has the largest counter space that allows for a cutting board, serving tray, and an ice tray for the most used drinks. It also has the dual zone refrigerator, where you can store different types of drinks at different temperatures.

If you will be host for 5-20 people, or dont need as much space as the Dometic Mobar 550 offers the Dometic Mobar 300 is the next best option. It has a decent amount of counter space, still offers refrigeration and a bunch of storage.

If you are just hosting a couple of friends and family and don't need refrigeration, the Dometic Mobar 50 is a great option. It's a aesthetic and versatile outdoor mobile bar that will add class and functionality to your outdoor or indoor living space. The ice box is sufficient to keep your drinks iced for hours!

Dometic Mobar Collection


The Dometic Mobar beverage centers are all amazing products that we would recommend to any person looking for a high quality, weatherproof, and versatile outdoor mobile bar. The option you choose comes to what you're looking to get out of the unit; they all have their strengths and weaknesses. All Mobar products can be found here.

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