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Dometic Wine Cooler Review (2023 Full Lineup)

Dometic Wine Cooler Review

When kept at home, wines should be stored in a cool environment to preserve flavor. While one can use a standard refrigerator to do so, there are better appliances that you can use for this.

Wine coolers, not to be confused with fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks, are refrigerated racks that can provide temperatures needed to maintain the state of your wine at its best.

One brand of wine coolers, Dometic, offers premium, high-quality appliances in the market.

I tried different Dometic wine cooler models to see if they’re worth adding to my home bar. Read on to find out how well they performed.

What Is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is a bar or kitchen appliance that stores wine at a specific, cool temperature.

This type of appliance usually comes in various styles and sizes, with capacities ranging from as little as 5 bottles to over 200 bottles at a time.

Usually, wine coolers also come with racks that play a specific role in storing wine. The racks are usually tilted at a certain angle that is optimal for storing and preserving wine.

Dometic Wine Fridge Models

Dometic is a trusted kitchen and bar brand that offers high-quality, sleek, and functional bar appliances. Some of their products include wine coolers and mobars, among others.

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1. Dometic Drawbar Wine Coolers

Dometic | DrawBar 5C Wine Cooler (Clear Glass Door) - DrawBar5CClick Here For Best Price


The Dometic DrawBar wine coolers are the perfect addition to your elegant kitchen. Available panel-ready or with clear glass, this appliance can blend seamlessly with your interior.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, Dometic’s drawbar wine racks can hold five wine bottles chilled to be served at ideal temperatures.

Gorgeous and functional, elevate the look and functionality of your kitchen with this Dometic Wine Cooler.


  • Can hold up to five wine bottles. A perfect fit for casual drinkers like me, this wine cooler has space for five standard-sized wine bottles.

  • Easy temperature control. I managed to make sure my wines were kept at the ideal temperature. It has preset temperatures at 41°, 45°F, 51°F, 57°F, or 63°F.

  • Available in two designs. This particular Dometic DrawBack wine cooler is available in a model that’s panel-ready (5S) or one with clear glass (5C).

  • Controlled storage. The humidity control panel and compressor cooling helped keep my wine bottles in tip-top shape.

  • The built-in soft illumination added more to the elegance and luxury this added to my kitchen.


The 5S panel-ready model is priced at $1,199. Meanwhile, this appliance's 5C clear glass version sells for $1,299, which is slightly higher than the 5S.

The Dometic DrawBar Wine Coolers have a higher-end price tag. However, I think this is well justified, just from its efficiency, quality, and elegance

Pros and Cons


  • Can blend seamlessly into your kitchen’s design

  • Easy temperature and humidity control

  • Sleek and elegant finish

  • Comes in two versions


  • Comes with a premium price tag

  • Can only hold five bottles

Bottom Line

This product is not all about looks, it’s also functional and convenient. I think this DrawBar is perfect for casual drinkers who like sleek and efficient appliances.

Have a specific home aesthetic in mind? This wine cooler can definitely give you a sleek, seamless look.

2. Dometic Freestanding Wine Coolers

Dometic | 19"W x 65"H Freestanding Wine Cooler (75 Bottles) - C75FClick Here For Best Price


Dometic Wine Coolers are built with both functionality and elegance in mind, and their freestanding models are no exception.

These wine fridges come in three models. For this review, I tried out the smallest model, the C35F, which holds 35 bottles. 

The other models include the C75F, which holds 75 bottles, and the C55F, which holds 55 bottles.

Domestic’s Freestanding Wine Cooler is a space saver. With a 19-inch width, it managed to fit in smaller spaces in my kitchen. 

While compact, I found that its glass door and stainless steel detailing maintained its style and elegance. 


  • Store wine at optimal temperatures. I can easily adjust the temperature with a control panel, and I can set the temperature anywhere between 41°F and 72°F.

  • Keep more wine at home. Dometic offers three freestanding wine cooler models that differ in capacity: 75 bottles, 55 bottles, and 35 bottles.

  • Never worry about unequal temperature distribution. The integrated air circulation system helped maintain the same temperature throughout this wine fridge.

  • Enjoy a sleek and stylish design. I believe it's a plus when this wine cooler’s control panel and space-saving doors are integrated into a streamlined, stylish design.

  • Maintenance is fuss-free. Thanks to the auto-defrost system, I didn’t have to do much to clean it.


The Dometic Freestanding Wine Coolers have different price tags, depending on the model. Each plays around the upper middle to the higher-end price range.

The one with a 75-bottle capacity sells for $1,599, the 55-bottle for $1,399, and the 35-bottle one for $1,099.

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant, space-saving design

  • Comes with an integrated air circulation system

  • Features a powerful compressor cooler

  • Easy to maintain with its auto-defrost system


  • The price range sits between upper-middle to higher-end

  • Capacity might be too excessive for non-collectors and casual drinkers.

Bottom Line

Perfect for wine enthusiasts and collectors, Dometic Freestanding wine coolers offer a gorgeous, compact build with a large storage capacity.

For an ever-growing collection of wine, I think Dometic’s Freestanding Wine Coolers is an investment worthy of being made.

3. Dometic Built-in Wine Coolers

Dometic | 24-Inch Wide Built-In Wine Cooler (154 Bottles) - D154FClick Here For Best Price

Dometic’s Built-in Wine Coolers are versatile, efficient, and stylish additions to a home bar or kitchen setup. 

They come in three different models: the D154F, the D46B, and D18B. For this review, I checked out the D46B one.

I noticed that these coolers are dual-zone, making temperature control enjoyable.

Also, while this cooler can be built into a kitchen setup for a seamless design, I managed to use it perfectly well free-standing.

On top of this, the adjustable heights, premium features, and elegant design upgraded the look of my kitchen.


  • Dual-cooling zones. I found it interesting that this cooler has two temperature zones, and it lets me set the temp for each zone independently.

  • Premium features. The direction-changeable doors, locks, and soft illumination made using this cooler feel luxurious. It ran quietly, too.

  • Store your wines in an optimal environment. I found the automatic humidity control, carbon filters, and anti-UV triple-pane glass doors impressive.

  • Store more wine. Dometic Built-in coolers come in three models: a 154-bottle capacity model, a 46-bottle capacity model, and an 18-bottle capacity model.

  • Enjoy versatility and convenience. The cooler can be built into a kitchen setup or left free-standing. I also found it easy to maintain, thanks to its auto-defrost system.


The prices of Dometic’s Built-in wine fridges depend on the model. However, they all sit at the higher end of the price range compared to other models.

The D154F model costs $3,849, while the D46B model sells for $1,799. The smallest model, the D18B, costs $1,299.

While they are pricey, they bring premium and functional features to users, including their storage cooling system, auto-defrost system, and defrost water evaporation system, among others.

Pros and Cons


  • Has premium storage features that ensure your wines are protected, stored, and preserved properly

  • Creates less noise with its low-vibration compressor

  • Minimalist design can easily be integrated into any kitchen setup.

  • Can be used built-in or freestanding


  • Premium price tag

  • Storage capacity might be too much for casual wine drinkers

Bottom Line

For serious wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, Dometic’s Built-in Wine Coolers provide ample storage and premium features that preserve your wine better.

From anti-UV glass doors to a dual cooling system, ensure your wine collection is stored in the best state possible by getting these wine coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best temperature to store wine in?

The best temperature to keep your wine in should be between 52-57°F.

As a rule of thumb, never store your wines at temperatures beyond 75°F since the wine will oxidize at this point.

Why do you need to store wine properly?

Storing your wine improperly can greatly affect the taste of your drink. For instance, if you only store wine at room temperature, it ages up to four times faster than when stored properly.

Enjoy Cool Wine at Home

Whether you’re a collector or preparing the bottles to include in your bar cart, having a proper wine cooler is crucial. These appliances not only chill your wines but also prevent them from aging or going bad.

I hope this review has helped you dial in on the perfect wine cooler for your needs. Consider adding a Dometic Wine Cooler to your home bar today!

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