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Forno 30 Inch Gas Range Review - Full 30 Inch Line Up Review



When it comes to home cooking, nothing beats a reliable range stove and oven combo. If you're looking for top-quality appliances, Forno is a leading brand name within the range industry with high customer satisfaction.

We've compiled a list of the top four Forno range models to suit a variety of needs. So, whether you have a big family, love to entertain, or live by yourself, you're sure to get a lot of mileage out of your Forno oven. Here's what we discovered.

Forno 30 Inch Range Review


Forno 30 Inch Capriasca Gas Range - FFSGS6260-30

Forno ranges are suitable for all kinds of cooking, but this particular model can help speed up your food preparation. Unlike most natural gas ovens, this model uses convection cooking, helping heat your dishes faster and more evenly.

Convection Cooking

If you're unfamiliar with this type of cooking, it works by blowing hot air inside the oven. Conventional gas ovens use radiant heat, but the problem is that it may not reach all corners of your dish evenly.

Although convection cooking is faster, you will need to adjust your cooking times. Some recipes will tell you how much less time you need, but there may be a bit of a learning curve at first.

Sealed Burners

When cooking on a gas stove, messes are bound to happen. Whether you're making eggs, casserole, or just grilling some meat, food and juices will invariably spill off the sides and onto the grates.

Fortunately, Forno ranges come with sealed burners so you won't accumulate burnt food inside them. Overall, it's much easier to keep the range clean with this feature.


  • Brass burners for durability and resilience

  • Burners are sealed to prevent spills and dirt from accumulating

  • Continuous grating makes moving pots and pans easier

  • cETLus certified for safety

  • Wok ring provided for convenience

  • 4.32 cubic-foot oven capacity


  • No hot surface indicator light, so kids may accidentally burn themselves

Where to buy: Click here to buy this model.


Forno | 30 Inch Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range - FFSGS6187-30

Here we have another convection-style Forno range, complete with many of the same features as the Capriasca above. However, as a dual-fuel model, you can use both electricity and natural gas to cook your meals.

Continuous Cast Iron Grates

If you're cooking something in a large pot, you know that moving it from one burner to the next is a hassle. Fortunately, because these burners have continuous grates, you can simply slide the cookware across without having to lift it.

Little details like this are why Forno ranges have such high customer satisfaction.

Wok Ring

Although skillets, frying pans, and pots are versatile for cooking, a wok is an essential part of any kitchen. This particular model makes it easier to incorporate a wok into your food preparation, thanks to a built-in ring in one of the front burners.

This way, you don't need a separate stand to keep the wok upright, and you can heat the bottom more evenly.


  • Durable stainless steel construction

  • Five burners for more cooking capacity

  • Extra-large oven capacity (4.32 cubic feet)

  • Halogen lighting to see inside more easily

  • Convection cooking for faster preparation

  • Adjustable stainless steel legs

  • Two-year warranty


  • No digital temperature display

Interested in this model? Buy it here!


Forno 30 Inch Lazio Alta Qualita Gas Range - FFSGS6276-30

If you're looking for a range oven that elevates the appearance of your kitchen, the Forno Lazio is an excellent choice. This model has a few extra features, making it one of the better kitchen appliances we've seen.

Sleek Black Enamel Features

Black enamel is both practical and stylish. Not only does it make your kitchen look sleek and modern, but it resists scratching and rusting better than traditional metals. So, even if you cook every day and night, this oven will still look its best year after year.

Steam Clean Oven

Cleaning your gas oven can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why most people avoid it until absolutely necessary. Fortunately, one quality feature of this oven is that it comes with a self-cleaning option. This way, you can use it as a broiler or baking oven without worrying about making too much of a mess.


  • Chic black enamel appearance

  • Illuminated zinc knobs

  • Adjustable stainless steel legs

  • Steam clean oven

  • Thermostat regulator display

  • Two halogen oven lights

  • LP Kit provided


  • Slower cook times than convection models

Buy the Forno 30 Inch Lazio model here.


Forno Lseo 30 Inch Gas Range - FFSGS6275-30

Last but not least, the Forno Lseo 30 is another high-quality machine that brings the heat without burning your meal. Whether you just want to simmer some dishes on the stovetop or bake a cake in the oven, the Forno Lseo 30 is always ready to go.

Thermostat Regulator

One issue with other Forno kitchen appliances is that they don't offer a digital temperature reading. So, it's hard to know whether the oven is at the right heat level or not.

Fortunately, the Lseo comes with its own thermometer, so you don't have to second-guess yourself. While this piece is not as reliable as a digital version, it's still pretty accurate.

Four-Layer Glass Oven Door

While all ovens have glass doors, the thickness of the door can make a world of difference. For example, this Forno Range has four layers, meaning it insulates the heat better, delivering better dishes.

Plus, since it uses convection cook methods, you don't have to spend as much time in the kitchen making dinner (or dessert).


  • Durable black enamel and stainless steel materials

  • Built-in oven thermometer

  • Kit provided to switch to LP gas

  • Convection cooking for faster cook times

  • Four-layer glass oven door for better insulation

  • Limited two year warranty


  • No timer or digital readouts

The Forno Lseo 30 inch is available for purchase here!

Forno Gas Range Review Comparison

Because each of these stainless steel ranges come with similar features, it's hard to determine which one is best for your needs. So, let's break down our top picks for different situations. This way, you can make an informed decision.

Which Range is Best for Baking?

As a rule, conventional ovens are better for regular baking, such as cakes and pies. However, if you're looking for a light and delicate dish, like croissants or other buttery pastries, convection ranges are a better fit.

Overall, we prefer the Lazio Alta for most home baking. However, if you're trying to bake a lot of items at once or follow complicated recipes, the Pro-Style or Lseo models are ideal.

Which Range is Best for Home Chefs?

Being a chef means cooking a wide variety of dishes. So, you need a mid grill and a gas stove that offers quite a few features. For that reason, we like the Lazio model. In addition to the oven and stainless steel components, it also comes with an air fryer, griddle, and drip pan. So, you can make practically anything you can imagine without needing more supplies.

Which Range is Best for Those on a Budget?

The Lseo model is the most affordable, but we also like the Lazio because of all the extras that come with it. However, if the price is your primary concern, you'll want to go with the Lseo.

Final Verdict

Overall, buying a Forno Range is a smart move because you get excellent materials, a large oven capacity, and high-quality results. If you're looking for the best of the best, the Forno Capriasca is our top pick. However, if you need a conventional oven, the Lazio is our recommendation for the best Forno Range.

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