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Forno 48 Inch Range Reviews

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If you have an extra-large kitchen, it makes sense to buy an extra-large gas range. Fortunately, Forno ranges come in multiple sizes, with 48-inch models offering better cooking capabilities than the 36-inch version.

Not only do you get more burners, but each range has a double oven with greater oven interior depth and more features. So, you could prepare multiple types of dishes (i.e., dinner and dessert) without having to buy separate kitchen appliances.

So, with that in mind, let's take a closer look at the entire 48-inch Forno line.

Forno Galiano 48 Inch Gas Range Review

Kicking things off is the Forno Galiano, which comes in two varieties. Both gas oven models are pretty similar, but one is built a bit better than the other, making it higher quality (and coming with a higher price tag).

Let's break down both ranges to see how well they stack up.

Forno FFSGS6244-48 Review

Forno Galiano 48 inch

The FFSGS6244-48 Forno range is the more expensive of the two, so it has slightly better performance than the FFSGS6156-48 model below. The Forno line comes with identical features like:

  • Continuous Grates - Moving pots and pans back and forth is seamless because you don't have to lift anything.

  • Convection Cooking - You can save time in the kitchen by broiling and baking faster than with a traditional gas oven. However, you can't switch back and forth.

  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs - If your Forno range doesn't quite fit, you can adjust the legs to make it taller or shorter, depending on your kitchen.

  • Dual Gas Oven - Instead of one massive oven, 48-inch ranges have one small oven and one larger model.

As far as the unique features of the FFSGS6244-48 range, you get a BBQ cook plate and a griddle. One of these has grill slits, while the other is flat. So, you can get perfect grill marks without using a gas BBQ.

This model also comes with an LP kit so you can use propane instead of natural gas. This kit can come in handy if there's a power outage or your gas line gets damaged from a storm.

  • Burners - 8

  • Oven Capacity - 4.32 cu ft and 2.26 cu ft

  • Extra Features/Add-Ons - Reversible BBQ Cook Plate, LP Kit, MidGrill Griddle

  • Durability - Thick Stainless Steel Construction


  • Sealed burners for fewer messes

  • Continuous grates for easier maneuvering of pots and pans

  • Fast and efficient convection fan cooking


  • No option for traditional baking or broiling

Buy the Forno Galiano FFSGS6244-48-48 Gas Oven

Forno FFSGS6156-48 Review

Forno FFSGS6156-48

As the "cheaper" version of the Forno Galiano, you can save several hundred dollars by switching from the FFSGS6244-48 model to this gas oven range. Best of all, you still get the same features, although this unit is not quite as powerful or as consistent when cooking.

One thing to pay attention to when comparing Forno ranges is the sealed single burner BTU rating. In this case, the front right burner (everyone's favorite) delivers 20,000 BTUs, while other burners give either 15,000 or 9,000.

If you're using the BBQ grill plate, you have to consider the sealed dual burner BTU because both burners will heat each side of the plate. So, if it gets too hot, you could burn your food without realizing it. Usually, it's best to have one side on high and the other on simmer so you can control your cooking better.

Otherwise, this unit also has one large oven and one small, so you have flexibility while cooking. Also, the panel cast iron grates are built to last and are continuous so you can move your dishes around more easily.

Finally, this is the electric oven model, so you will use more energy to heat your dishes, but you don't have to worry about air pollution or the dangers of a leaky gas oven.

  • Burners - 8

  • Oven Capacity - 4.32 cu ft and 2.26 cu ft

  • Extra Features/Add-Ons - Reversible BBQ cook plate, LP kit

  • Durability - Stainless Steel


  • Sealed single burner BTU 15,000, 9,000, and 20,000

  • Interior halogen oven lights

  • Backsplash provided

  • More affordable than other 48-inch gas range models

  • Electric oven instead of gas

  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Not as high-performance as the 6244 model

  • No option to switch to traditional gas oven cooking

Buy the Forno Galiano 6156-48

Forno Capriasca 48 Inch Gas Range Review

What is the main difference between forno galiano vs capriasca?

Although all Forno 48-inch gas ranges have similar appearances and features, the Capriasca line differs from the Galiano line in one area - the burners. The Capriasco models utilize brass which more effectively channel heat for desired cooking results, and add a more luxurious look to the range.

Also, the capriasca models have a wider range of BTUs in each of the burners which can help you cook a wide variety of things at different heat outputs.

As a rule, brass heats up and cools down faster, so you can prepare your dishes more efficiently. However, brass can also wear down more easily if you don't take care of it.

So, with that in mind, let's look at both Forno Capriasca gas stove models.

Forno FFSGS6187-48 Review


As with the Galiano Forno ranges, both Capriasca models differ in their fuel type. The FFSGS6187-48 model has an electric oven, while the FFSGS6260-48 is a gas oven. However, even though you're using electricity, you still get two ovens and eight brass burners for cooking.

Also, this unit has a gas stove but an electric oven, so you get the best of both worlds. The single burner BTU ranges from 9,000 to 20,000, and the oven reaches up to 1800 and 2000 watts.

With this electric range, you also get two rotisserie kits for the oven and telescopic racks for cooking on the stove.

  • Burners - 8

  • Oven Capacity - 4.32 cu ft and 2.26 cu ft

  • Extra Features/Add-Ons - Automatic Ignition, LP kit, Rotisserie Kits, Telescopic Stainless Steel Racks

  • Durability - Stainless Steel


  • Dual fuel electric oven and gas stove combo

  • Brass burners warm up faster

  • Dual oven model

  • Rotisserie kits and stainless steel racks provided

  • Adjustable stainless steel legs

  • Sealed single burner BTU ranges from 9K to 20K

  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Electric oven uses more energy than a gas oven

Buy the Forno Capriasca 6187-48

Forno FFSGS6260-48 Review

Forno FFSGS6260-48

If you're not interested in the electric model of the Forno Capriasca, you can opt for the gas oven model instead. However, this unit is much more expensive and high-end, so be aware of that before making a final purchase decision.

This is a pro style gas range, so it's built to withstand lots of wear and tear in the kitchen. You could make tons of dishes every single day and not have to worry about the stainless steel components breaking down or giving out.

Unlike the other Forno ranges, this model has sealed single burner BTU ratings of 20,000 across the board. So, each burner is just as hot as the rest, giving you more flexibility and power while cooking. Best of all, because they're sealed, you can clean the stovetop much faster than you would with other models.

This range also comes with a wok ring so you can cook with more variety, and it has a night light inside the oven so you can see what's going on better while it's cooking.

  • Burners - 8

  • Oven Capacity - 4.32 cu ft, 2.26 cu ft

  • Extra Features/Add-Ons - Rotisserie Kits, Stainless Steel Telescoping Racks, Night Light Red LED Magic Eye Light, Wok Ring, Reversible BBQ Plate

  • Durability - Stainless Steel


  • All burners are sealed and have the same BTU rating (20,000)

  • Lots of extras provided

  • Pro-style range oven and stove

  • Three halogen interior lights, including a night light

  • LP kit included for dual fuel type oven

  • Two-year limited warranty


  • More expensive than other Forno range models

Buy the Forno Capriasca FFSGS6260-48

Forno ALTA QUALITA 48-Inch Gas Range with AirFryer Reversible Griddle Review - FFSGS6291-48

Forno ALTA QUALITA 48-Inch Gas Range

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Alta Qualita Forno range. This unit is more affordable than most of the other ranges on this list, but you don't have to sacrifice power and performance to save a few hundred (or thousand) bucks.

What's most unique about this range is that it comes with an air fryer setting. This way, you can get all of your favorite fried foods but with a fraction of the grease, making them healthier and easier to eat.

In addition to the air fryer, this range comes with a BBQ plate griddle and a wok ring. Plus, since it has two ovens and eight cast iron burners, you can prepare virtually any dish.

  • Burners - 8

  • Oven Capacity - 4.32 cu ft, 2.26 cu ft

  • Extra Features/Add-Ons - Air Fryer, Reversible BBQ Griddle, Wok Ring, Dual-Ring Burner

  • Durability - Stainless Steel


  • Air fryer and wok ring provided for more cooking versatility

  • Dual-ring burner gives you more control over your dishes

  • Sealed single burner BTU range of 9,000 to 20,000

  • More affordable than other 48-inch Forno ranges

  • Two-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • No option for traditional baking or broiling

Buy the Forno Alta Qualita FFSGS6291-48

The Bottom Line

As you can see, 48-inch Forno Ranges offer a lot of potential when it comes to cooking and food preparation. If you're a foodie and you love the ability to cook multiple dishes at once, any one of these ranges will be perfect for your needs. That said, we believe the Alta Qualita and the Capriasca 6260 models are the best of the best. The Alta works well because it offers more cooking capabilities, and the Capriasca is built like what you'd find in a professional kitchen.

No matter what, though, all of these ranges are sure to make your next meal a breeze.

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