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Paragon Novara Pergola Reviews

Paragon Novara Pergola Reviews

Pergolas have been around for thousands of years now, they are a luxury way to enjoy the outdoors. As you can imagine, there are a ton of options for pergolas all with their pros and cons. In this review of the novara pergola by Paragon Outdoor we will discuss its features, specifications, and a description of the product. We will also outline it's pros and cons to help you decide whether the Paragon Outdoor novara pergola canopy is right for you!

Novara Pergola by Paragon Outdoor Reviews

Gray Paragon Novara

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Paragon Outdoor uses forward thinking design, using the highest quality, and durable materials to help you take your outdoor living to the next level. The Novara pergola canopy options by Paragon Outdoor are made from high quality aluminum materials. They aluminum pergola safely provides optimal shade for the harsh sun rays.

The Paragon Outdoor Novara pergola canopy is designed in the USA, with ethically sourced components.

Paragon Outdoor Novara Dimensions

There are two options to choose from when shopping for the Paragon Outdoor Novara.

  • Option 1: 10 feet by 12 feet

  • Option 2: 12 feet by 20 feet

The option you choose really depends on the size of your outdoor living space dimensions, and the patio furniture/outdoor dining furniture you're looking to place under the traditional open roof pergola for protection from sun exposure.

Paragon Outdoor Novara Features

One special feature that makes it stand out over it's competition is the adjustable louvers. The louvered Novara pergola completely shuts to let no sun exposure through, so you can enjoy a warm summer day without the harsh sun rays beaming down on you.

Or, you can let in just the right amount of sun by simply manually opening the roof louvers.

Paragon Outdoor Novara Materials

Paragon Outdoor Novara White

The Paragon Outdoor Novara is traditional open roof pergola with a modern twist. The modern louvered pergola is made with aluminum roof material. The rest of the aluminum pergola is designs with rust resistant materials.


  • Aluminum Materials

  • Roof louvers

  • Anchoring hardware

  • Rust resistant materials frame and roof structure

  • Warranty included

  • Coated with UV rated heat transferred wood-look finish.


  • Only 2 size options

  • Comes only in Gray and White

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Pergola Buying Guide

What size dimensions do you need?

The size of the pergola you should choose is determined primarily by the size of your back yard

What material should you choose?

Wooden pergola, or metal pergola which is better? Both wooden and metal pergolas have their strengths. Wooden pergolas can have more eccentric designs, have a more relaxing type of look, and are often times more affordable. Metal options can be more sturdy and resistant to weather.

A major con of wooden pergolas is that over time they may start to wilt due to weather conditions. Also, since they are made from organic material, they are prone to attack by termites, and mold.

On the other hand, metal pergolas that aren't made with rust resistant materials are prone to rust and become irreversibly damaged over time. Especially, if you live somewhere close to the beach where there is a ton of humidity and salt in the air. However, materials used in options such as the Paragon Outdoor Novara aluminum pergola are resistant to rust, and other elements such as UV exposure.

Paragon Outdoor Novara - Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a gazebo or pergola?

This ultimately depends on the degree of weather, and sun coverage you're looking for.

Hard top gazebos offer year-round protection from elements such as rain and snow.

Soft tops gazebos are great for shelter from the sun and rain, but not from snow.

Pergolas are best for areas where there isn't any snow. They provide a more airy feel and look, great for hot environments that are in need of optimal shade conditions.

Does the Paragon Outdoor Novara have a warranty?

Yes, all Paragon Outdoor Novara pergolas, and also their gazebos offer warranty. They all have their own special warranty coverage, so refer to the booklet upon delivery, or reach out to our customer service team if you have any specific questions.

How will my outdoor structure arrive?

The Paragon Outdoor Novara will arrive in multiple boxes usually in a pallet.

Is the Paragon Outdoor Novara difficult to assemble?

The Novara pergola by Paragon Outdoor does not require a licensed installer. They are designed to be assembled by DIYers, However, due to the size of some of the pieces it is recommended that you get assistance to reduce the installation time.

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