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Paragon Outdoor Gazebo Reviews

Paragon Outdoor Gazebo

If you're eyeing to enhance your backyard aesthetics, adding a gazebo is a practical way to get started. This article will walk you through the top Paragon Outdoor gazebos that offer optimal shade and protection from heavy rain.

As with shopping for home accessories, choosing the suitable gazebo for your space requires basic knowledge of what to consider. At the end of this article, we hope to beef up your checklist of must-haves before making that final decision.

What To Look For In a Quality Gazebo

Aside from clean architectural design, consider the technical aspect of a gazebo's build. Below are factors to consider:

  • Roof panels - What type of weather conditions can the roofings withstand?

  • Structure - Do the raw materials guarantee durability that lasts?

  • Average rating - What do other people say about these items?

  • Assembly Instructions - How easy or complex is the setup process for this gazebo?

  • Roof dimensions - What's your preferred size for the structure?

Best Paragon Outdoor Gazebos For Every Need

Paragon Outdoor Kingsbury Gazebo - Best Pick for Soft Top Gazebos

Kingsbury Soft Top Gazebo, Dome-Tex Fabric

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At 11' x 14 ft, the Kingsbury gazebo offers enough space to hold outdoor dining and small group gatherings. Its roof canopy is available in five colors: cocoa, rust, sand, navy, and gray. This allows you to match your gazebo's theme with your backyard setting.

Kingsbury has two canopy fabric options: Dome-Tex and Sunbrella. Both fabrics can facilitate proper airflow and resist fading, making it a worthy add-on fit for all weather types. These fabrics are also washable, so you won't have to replace them when they get stained.


  • Competent warranty terms: five years for structure and two years for roof

  • Wind escapement feature

  • Rust-free aluminum materials


  • Soft top roofing might not withstand snow load.

Paragon Outdoor Santa Monica Hard Top Gazebo - Best Overall

Paragon Outdoor Santa Monica Hard Top Gazebo 12'x 20-ft.

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In terms of maximum durability across all seasons, the Santa Monica gazebo is the winner in this list. It's a hard-top gazebo built with heavy gauge aluminum capable of supporting weight and blocking off any untimely rain showers or strong sunlight.

A Santa Monica gazebo can be anchored in a concrete slab or a wooden deck structure, fitting various locations like the poolside or your backyard patio.

This product is ideal if you're anticipating heavy traffic in your gazebo. Are you fond of holding parties outdoors? Do you have kids who love to play around the area? The structure of a Santa Monica gazebo is robust, so you won't have always to fear potential damage when you hold various activities on it.


  • Seven different sizes to choose from (10' x 12 ft, 11' x 13 ft, 11' x 16 ft, 12' x 12 ft, 12' x 14 ft, 12' x 16 ft, 12' x 20 ft)

  • Dual anchoring hardware for wooden deck and concrete surface

  • Superior roof load at 26lb maximum

  • Superior wind resistance at 108 mph


  • Installation can be complicated for beginners.

Paragon Outdoor Cambridge Hard Top Gazebo - Easiest to Assemble

Paragon Outdoor Cambridge Hard Top Gazebo 11'x 11-ft.

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If you fancy getting a hard-top gazebo that's easy to install and guarantees quality build with enough space for entertaining, Cambridge's gazebo won't disappoint.

It's built with special roof panels and architecturally designed commercial-grade material that offers optimal shade and an insulated roof for noise reduction. Three people can build this structure in just half a day. Build it in the morning and you'll have the rest of the afternoon to chill and enjoy.

This product is recommended for first-time buyers who want a taste of what it feels like to have an exclusive outdoor space without investing too much time in assembling it.


  • Three different sizes to choose from (11' x 11ft, 11' x 14 ft, 11' x 16 ft)

  • Powder-coated frame for added hardness and durability

  • Ground stakes availability

  • Easy-to-follow installation manual


  • No option to add accessories like mosquito netting

Paragon Outdoor Madrid Hard Top Gazebo - Best for Heat Defense

Paragon Outdoor Madrid Hard Top Gazebo 11'x 13-ft.

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Users living in humid places will love this gazebo on their patio. It's specifically designed with twin-layer polycarbonate roof panels that block the sun's harsh rays. This design also provides up to 25% more inner heat reduction compared to other products that use a different roof material.

Madrid's unique engineering development also employs the louver roof design, which ensures watertight functionality during rain showers.

Gazebo owners who think their current one isn't fit for the intense heat coming up during the summer seasons should consider having this as a backup.


  • Superior inner heat control and UV-ray defense

  • Both the posts and frame are powder-coated

  • The option to add mosquito netting is available


  • It only comes in 1 size at 11' x 13 ft.

Paragon Outdoor Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo - Best for Privacy and Classic Feel

Paragon Outdoor Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 12-ft.

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Want to bring that small dinner party outdoors, but need some privacy? Siena's gazebo is designed to let you enjoy that. It has sliding screen doors on all four sides, effectively warding off bugs while keeping comfortable airflow inside and giving that wonderful glow during sunset.

While the screen doors don't fully block the view of people from the outside, they do send off that private and 'do not disturb' vibe, perfect when you want to zone out and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of your personal space.

Siena's gazebo selections have a special composite roof with a polyethylene core, which minimizes the sun's glare and reduces rain noise to a soft pitter-patter.


  • Three different sizes to choose from (12' x 12 ft, 12' x 14 ft, 12' x 16 ft)

  • Aluminum posts have steel inserts for added strength.

  • Base plates made of steel for maximum support

  • No power drill needed to set up.

  • Structured for all four seasons


  • It may take time to install

Paragon Outdoor Durham Hard Top Gazebo - Best for Low-Cost Maintenance

Paragon Outdoor Durham Hard Top Gazebo 11'x 13-ft.

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If you want a low-maintenance gazebo that fits in your backyard or patio, then the Durham Line from Paragon Outdoor is a nice place to start looking.

It's built with multiple layers of aluminum, ensuring that the roof and frames remain durable wherever you install them. Durham's entire structure is maintenance-free, so you won't have to worry about regularly cleaning it, even with frequent weather changes.

Buyers who use the pavilion as a personal nook instead of a social area will appreciate this. Compared to patios frequented by guests, you don't have to worry about cleaning the place every time they visit.


  • Maintenance and rust-free structure

  • It can be bolted on different surfaces like concrete, wood, and solid ground

  • Exceptional strength


  • Available sizes might not be big enough for social gatherings (10' x 12 ft and 11' x 13 ft)

Paragon Outdoor Barcelona Soft Top Gazebo - Ideal for a Simple and Minimalist Feel

Paragon Outdoor Barcelona Soft Top Gazebo 10'x 12-ft.

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Barcelona is an easy choice for anyone looking for a minimalist gazebo structure for their backyard setting. Its dome-text canopy roof protects you from the sun's blistering heat while ensuring sufficient air flow within the interior.

You also have the option to add mosquito netting or curtains if you prefer a more private experience.

Many people love to decorate and make the gazebos a focal point in their backyard, but if you fancy being low-key, Barcelona's minimalist feel is your perfect match.


  • Five different canopy roof colors to choose from

  • Lag bolts or anchoring hardware included.

  • Rust-free aluminum materials


  • Only one size is available at 10' x 12 ft

Paragon Outdoor Buyer's Guide

Gazebos may look the same at first glance. They have similar structures and are usually built from the same raw materials. However, different varieties have their unique functions. It pays to know what makes one superior if it is your first time getting one for your patio.

Decide Whether to Go For Soft Top or Hard Top Roofing

Do you want that flexibility and style offered by the soft top canopy fabrics, or do you prefer the durability of the hard top roof? Canopy fabrics are great for aesthetics, as they come in different colors and types. The two most popular ones are the following:

  • Dome-Tex fabric - breathable and waterproof

  • Sunbrella - fading, water, and mold-resistant

On the other hand, hard-top roofing panels are proven to last longer. Common types include:

  • Metal - durable, fire-resistant, long-lasting

  • Insulated - regulates temperature to ensure it doesn't get too hot or too cold inside

  • Polycarbonate - almost unbreakable, UV-resistant, extreme temperature-resistant

  • Plastic - cost-effective, weather-resistant, lightweight

Know Your Preferred Gazebo Size

Gazebos are often installed to hold social functions, entertain guests, and serve as a personal space. Others even put it for pure aesthetics. Here are some size considerations for different purposes:

  • Family meals outside the house - 10' x 11 ft

  • A small gathering with your family our guests (up to around six) - 12' x 12 ft

  • Big gatherings of up to 15 people - 14' x 16 ft

Consider the Assembly Instructions

Setting up a gazebo might look easy, but depending on the type, size, and raw materials, the experience can be daunting, especially if it's your first time.

Choose products with a comprehensive installation guide and complete assembly tools. This way, you won't have to go back and forth to different shops to secure the accessories needed for the setup. It's even better to get a hold of step picture instructions for ease of building.

Keep in mind that if you can't do it using the manual, you'll likely end up spending extra to hire someone who can set it up for you.

Check Other Buyer's Ratings or Reviews

A gazebo that's rated highly by other users means that it lives up to consumer expectations. Before buying a backyard shed, take time to go online and read through what other users are saying. How was their experience? What are the common complaints? Knowing the average rating value of a product gives you an idea of how well it fits your preference.

You can also use a rating filter to narrow reviews down to product features.

Compare Prices

Gazebos aren't priced equally for a reason. Materials used in building them differ, which means production cost also varies. Once you've decided on a size and type, take some time to explore options and examine their price difference. Is the hefty increase in price worth it for the added features offered in a product?

Consider Your Overall Convenience

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you'd also want to enjoy hassle-free ordering, given the size of a gazebo. Below are other elements worth thinking about:

  • Delivery times

  • Delivery fee

  • Delivery Appointment

  • Freight carrier

  • Terms & conditions for manufacturing defects concerns

  • Warranty

It's also important to note that some companies already include free shipping as part of the package, while others require you to arrange this separately.

FAQs About Buying a Paragon Outdoor Gazebo

Can We Wash Fabric Canopies?

Yes, you can wash it using a damp cloth or soapy water. Press the damp cloth onto the stained spot instead of rubbing it around. This ensures the stain is lifted off the fabric instead of getting scattered around. For huge stains, a washing machine is highly recommended.

Is It Okay to Put a Heat Source Underneath the Gazebo?

While some patios can accommodate heaters, Paragon Outdoor doesn't recommend putting any heat systems under their gazebos. This is to ensure maximum safety and longevity of the shed.

Should you insist on putting one, it's always recommended to call Paragon's customer service or get an expert to do the installation to ensure sufficient safety measures are in place.

What is the Best Location to Put a Gazebo?

There are three general locations where you can set up this outdoor space. Each has its own purpose and if you have vast space around you, putting gazebos in all of these locations shouldn't be a problem.

Focal Point

This location is recommended for wedding and reception events as it puts the spotlight on the gazebo. Gazebos used for this are usually large and can accommodate several people, plus the tables for cakes, food, coffee, and more.

Shady Spot

This location is great for family cookouts, poolside, and kids' play areas. It has an average size, and usually takes on different shapes: rectangular, square, octagonal, and many more. It can accommodate a few people and is a perfect spot to chill and relax with family and friends while enjoying delicious food.

Corner of a Yard

This is often used beside a garden or hot tub as complementary accessories. It gives you opportunities to match it with the theme or structure of the main house to make it look like its extension.

To Wrap Up

Several gazebo options cater to your needs. Do you want to keep your gazebo personal and keep a simple design? Then, Paragon Outdoor's Barcelona product is your best choice. Want to go all out and invest in a structure that lasts for years? A Santa Monica gazebo is built for this purpose.

Design and architecture matter. Use our comprehensive review, and see which ones make it to your final list.

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