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Paragon Siena Aluminum Gazebo Reviews

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The Siena aluminum patio gazebo line has proven its quality and stability over the years. It's packed with fantastic features that offer protection from the sun's rays and an untimely rain shower. If you're eyeing to get one but can't decide which variation to buy, our Paragon Siena aluminum gazebo reviews will help you get started.

3 Variations of the Paragon Outdoor Gazebo Line: Overview

  1. Paragon Outdoor | Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 12-ft.

  2. Paragon Outdoor | Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 14-ft.

  3. Paragon Outdoor | Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 16-ft.

Paragon Outdoor Siena Patio Gazebo Reviews

Paragon Outdoor's Siena gazebo line comes in three sizes, fit for different occasions. Whether you plan on using it as add-on decor to your outdoor space or hosting a dinner party, Siena's structure is built with elegance and strength in mind.

This structure is built of aluminum composite panels, efficient for impact resistance and holding the entire gazebo intact. Its aluminum frame also ensures the gazebo withstands typical weather assaults like strong winds and downpours.

Siena gazebos are architecturally designed to provide optimum UV protection as you spend your weekend relaxing beneath its shade. Its dome-shaped aluminum composite roof helps with noise reduction by reducing rain noise to mere soft pitter-patter.

In terms of aesthetic elements, this gazebo line can provide that classic feel and privacy. The roof's underside is cream-colored, giving off even candlelight reflection at night time. It also comes with sliding screen doors on all four sides, shading the interior from too much light or some prying eyes.

Choosing the right gazebo size requires you to consider the purpose of this outdoor space decor. For instance, a patio for a simple family get-together will require smaller space than a structure intentionally installed to host parties and special events. Let's look at Siena gazebo's three different sizes and see which one fits your needs.

1. 12' x 12 Ft

Paragon Outdoor Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 12-ft.

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This gazebo size is considered a global, universal standard. It can house four to seven people and is the perfect gazebo for small family dinners and gatherings. Its square shape is also ideal for commercial stalls like those at exhibits or fundraising events.

2. 12' x 14 Ft

Paragon Outdoor Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 14-ft.

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This gazebo is ideal for small parties or business gatherings. It has a seating capacity of 9 to 12 and can accommodate up to 18 people when standing. Siena's architectural grade material ensures the structure stays stable despite the more significant traffic and movement inside it.

3. 12' x 16 Ft

Paragon Outdoor Siena Hard Top Screen Room Gazebo 12'x 16-ft.

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This gazebo has a seating capacity of up to 15. It's great for special gatherings like family reunions. If you're hosting more people, you can place this in the middle of an open space to serve as the focal point. Additional seats or tables can be added outside the gazebo as an extension.

Best Features:

  • Heavy gauge aluminum top that reduces roof noise

  • Aluminum frame that's rust resistant

  • Vented roof for wind escapement, allowing proper airflow

  • Twin-layer aluminum roof for maximum UV protection

  • Straightforward instruction manual and easy assembly instructions even for beginners

Why We Like It:

  • Uses premium materials built primarily with aluminum and steel

  • A multipurpose structure built to withstand weather changes

  • Equipped with sliding screen doors that offer privacy and keep bugs away

  • Its hard-top, special composite roof is efficient during heavy snow

  • Its ground stakes can be lodged in a concrete slab or wooden deck, making it a perfect gazebo for any location

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aluminum Patio Gazebo

To ensure the best-value purchase that delivers fantastic features and fits your budget, you need to look at specific factors that make a gazebo ideal for your needs.


Roof quality is a priority as it's your first line of defense against the sun, rain, and snow. You'd need something built with multiple layers of aluminum to ensure optimal protection. Going for an insulated roof also provides appropriate temperature regulation on the gazebo's interior.

Aluminum Frame and Support Beams

Panels provide insulation and are, therefore, crucial for determining energy efficiency. Structures with rust-resistant aluminum composite panels are highly recommended, especially when living in areas prone to weather fluctuations.

Aluminum-based beams, railings, and steel inserts are your best structure combo for maximum strength.


Sliding screens and mosquito netting are two of the most in-demand accessories for aluminum gazebos. They're effective for warding off insects and offering privacy inside the patio. Sliding screens also reduce the sun's glare, especially during summer.

You may want to check the inclusions of anchoring hardware. These items are used to lodge your gazebo in any location, like a wooden deck or concrete slab. Some providers have this as part of their package, while others offer this as an add-on with extra cost.


Manufacturing defects can't be taken out of the picture, especially for large products such as gazebos. Look for a company that offers a decent warranty for its roof and structure. A five-year warranty for each element is a competent range.

Installation Process

How easy is it to get your patio gazebo set up? Unless you've had some experience assembling a unit, you'd want something easy to install and a step-by-step instruction manual that comes with the package.

Delivery Appointment

It saves you a lot of time if the gazebo shop offers product shipment as part of its service. Before making your purchase, ask if delivery is something it can arrange on your behalf.


Buying a gazebo that requires zero maintenance is ideal, but this is almost impossible to achieve, especially if you live in a place with frequent weather changes. Still, it pays to know how much maintenance is required by the gazebo you choose.

Does the roof require constant cleaning? Are there specific cleaning do's and don'ts you need to know beforehand? Does the company recommend any professional cleaners?

Price and Customer Reviews

Price is directly proportional to quality and specifications. However, other factors that have nothing to do with product performance also play a role in its final pricing. An example would be ads and operational costs. Companies that invest much in ads will likely put higher price tags on their products.

Before buying a gazebo, take time to compare options and assess if the pricing makes sense or if it's within your budget at all.

Additionally, you may refer to customer reviews to get a glimpse of their experience. More positive reviews often always mean a great product.

Bottom Line

Finding a beautiful gazebo kit to enhance your home's overall architecture can be tough. You'd need to compare features and specs to ensure you get the best-value items that fit your budget.

Aluminum gazebos like the Paragon Outdoor Siena units are top picks due to their durability and design. Do you want to start small to get a feel of how it works? The 12' x 12 ft size is an excellent way to start. From there, you can upgrade to bigger sizes as you see fit.

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