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Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Review

Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Review

When setting up an outdoor kitchen, many opt for built-in gas grills. While these grills need a workstation installed, they are durable, high-performing, and reliable appliances.

Summerset is a manufacturer of outdoor appliances that offers various outdoor grills to fit many home cooks’ needs. In this article, I am reviewing the brand’s Sizzler Pro 40.

Want to know if this product may be worth investing in for your home kitchen? Read my Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Built-in Gas Grill review to find out!

What Are Built-In Gas Grills?

Simply put, built-in gas grills are kitchen appliances usually installed as a part of an outdoor setup.

This type of grill is usually fixed, and as the name suggests, they are mainly powered by gas, either via a natural gas line or hooked onto a liquid propane tank.

Since you can't easily move built-in gas grills, they’re built to last and provide just as much cooking power as their freestanding counterparts.

Summerset Grills

Summerset Grills take the spotlight in this review. This brand specializes in providing home cooks with professional-grade outdoor kitchen grills and other appliances.

This brand offers a wide variety of outdoor kitchen products – from gas grills to outdoor fridges. It prides itself on using top-quality materials for high-quality products.

It’s a family owned business striving to deliver luxurious, top-notch equipment in a wide range of affordability.

Summerset SIZPRO40 Sizzler Pro Series Built-In Gas Grill


Sizzler PRO Series 40" - Home Bar Select Click Here For Best Price

The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Built-In Gas Grill is an incredible addition to any home backyard kitchen, especially if you’re looking for a high-performance grill.

At first look, I can already tell that it has a sturdy, stainless steel construction. This grill is built to last, and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it lasting a long time.

When it comes to power, I was genuinely impressed with it. The cast stainless steel burners also look incredibly durable, and I also found the high-zone separators convenient.

All five burners provided searing, high heat, but it remained a breeze to work with. Thanks to its briquette trays, I didn’t have any problem with heat distribution at all.

The grill’s temp was also easy to control and monitor, and I found the temperature accurate and easy to read.

As for the cooking surface, this grill provides plenty as I managed to grill multiple meats and dishes simultaneously. The rear infrared burner and Summerset rotisserie kit were also simple to use.

On top of this, the grill has thick cooking grates that help provide notable heat retention and gorgeous grill marks.

It also has the same sleek design that most Summerset grills feature, and interior cooking lights further enhance this.

The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 Built-In Gas Grill is a powerhouse you should invest in if you’re looking for a heavy-duty outdoor grill.


  • Extremely durable. This gas grill is built to last, thanks to its solid 443 stainless steel housing. The burners and grates are also made of thick steel.

  • Easy setup. Whether you’re using natural gas or liquid propane, this grill is easy to set up. Ignition is also quick and safe with its Flame Thrower Ignition mechanism. I really like its ease of use.

  • Convenient cooking. You don’t have to worry about cooking spots that are too hot or too cold. It has powerful stainless steel burners but maintains even radiant heat distribution.

  • Spacious grilling area. This gas grill features 871.4 square inches of total cooking space, making preparation for large gatherings and parties a breeze. When I tried this, I cooked for a party of 10.

  • Powerful Performance. This gas grill features 5 main burners rated at 14,000 BTUs and an infrared back burner at 15,000 BTUs for rotisserie cooking.


The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 comes with a price tag worth $2,665.00, which is considered mid-range.

Given that it's a more affordable option, I think this gas grill provides top-quality features and high-quality performance that matches many expensive high-end grills in the market.

It’s a great grill investment that’s worth every penny.

Pros and Cons

Sizzler PRO Series 40" - Home Bar Select Click Here For Best Price


  • 443 high-quality stainless steel construction

  • Provides heat zone separators

  • Powerful performance

  • Captured briquette tray system provides even heat distribution.

  • Accurate temperature gauge

  • Quick and safe, Flame Thrower ignition

  • Has right interior cooking lights

  • Comes with double lined hood

  • Medium price-range

  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Might be too big for some areas

  • Doesn’t come with an infrared searing station

Bottom Line:

This grill is perfect for those looking for a heavy-duty built-in gas grill that provides fantastic performance in a durable package. Apart from top-quality features, it’s also decently priced.

If you have the space and the means to invest in this built-in grill, do so. The Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 is a wonderful and practical addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Other Grill Brands I've Reviewed

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Every home cook has different needs for their outdoor kitchens. If you're looking for more options to consider, here are other grill brands I've tried and reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do built-in gas grills sit on the countertop?

Built-in gas grills require a countertop structure, but it doesn't just sit on your outdoor kitchen counter.

Usually, a section of your backyard kitchen is fitted with a grill-insulating jacket and a dock for your built-in gas grill.

Having this type of structure helps protect your gas grill, adding more to its life.

How long do built-in gas grills last?

This type of grill is quite sturdy, and they're usually built with high-quality construction. As such, with the proper upkeep, they can last between 10 to 15 years.

Where are Summerset Sizzler Grills made? Are Summerset grills made in the USA?

Summerset Grills is a family-owned brand. They operate their business and have a manufacturing company based in Huntington Beach, CA.

Who is the CEO of Summerset Grills?

Jeff Straubel founded Summerset Professional Grills in 2009 and is the company's CEO.

How do you clean a Summerset Grill?

Sizzler PRO Series 40" - Home Bar Select Click Here For Best Price

Cleaning a Summerset Grill is similar to the proper maintenance of any other built-in gas grill you can find in the market.

Summerset Grills advise checking and cleaning regularly, based on how often you use it.

When you clean your grill, the manufacturer suggests removing the grill grates and cleaning the burner covers.

They suggest using soapy water and a microfiber cloth to eliminate any residual debris for the easy-clean briquette system.

Additionally, wiping away any grease splatterings from the interior would be best.

It is also best practice to protect your grills with Summerset grill covers to protect them from dirt and dust. However, if you live near the sea, avoiding this practice is best.

As per Summerset Grills, regular monthly cleaning of your grill parts is generally enough. Although, if you frequently use it to make greasy food, it may need more care.

The Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Cooking Setup

If you're looking for an efficient and reliable addition to your outdoor setup, the Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 is worth looking into.

This built-in gas grill has high-end features but a mid-range price tag. It offers power, consistency, and convenience in one long-lasting package.

Check out the Summerset Sizzler Pro 40 and see if it fits your backyard cooking needs.

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