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Vision Grill C Series Review

Vision Grill C Series Review

Kamado grill is unlike other types of grill because of its versatility and durability. But some of them are a step beyond others for their advanced features and value.

Vision Grills offers multiple kamado grills featuring innovative designs and premium materials. 

And if you’re looking for a ceramic charcoal grill that’s less expensive than most options in the market, they got you covered. 

The Vision Grills C Series caught my attention because it’s not as expensive as the other kamado grills out there. Keep reading to see if it’s a worthy upgrade!

What Is a Kamado Grill?

The kamado grill we see today has a long history rooted in ancient Asian cooking. It’s believed to have been first used in China and made its way to Korea and Japan thousands of years ago.

Later, the Japanese developed a movable version called mushikamado, which was widely used during World War 2. It looked more like the modern kamado grill, both oval-shaped. 

But most high-quality kamado grills today feature one key upgrade — they’re made of ceramics. It’s more durable and helps retain high temperatures for grilling. 

The kamado grill is also more versatile than conventional charcoal grills. Modern features like the top vent, bottom vent, and temperature controls make them great for slow-smoking meats in lower temperatures. 

And once I got the hang of controlling the airflow, the kamado grill proved to be a nifty cooking equipment that performed much like a pizza oven.

The Best Kamado Grill From Vision Grills

If you want a ceramic charcoal grill that’s durable and high-quality, you can find great options from Vision Grills.

Of all their Professional Series grills, the C Series is the best option.

Vision Grills C Series Review — CR4C1F1 Kamado Grill in Red

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What I loved most about Vision Grills C Series is it amplifies the kamado’s versatile nature. It’s specifically designed to cater to grilling and smoking needs so that it won’t intimidate even first-time users.

I also appreciated how clear the instructions were to set up the C Series kamado grill, so there wasn’t much trouble with its assembly.

Although, you might need an extra pair of hands to place the actual grill on the stand. But it was a nice reminder that I have a heavy-duty ceramic charcoal grill.

I found more things to love about it when it came to actually using the kamado grill. 

First is its electric starter port that’s very easy to use and eliminates the need for a lighter fluid that isn’t great for a ceramic charcoal grill.

Anyone wanting to master the art of low-and-slow smoking would enjoy the C Series as much as I did. Its top vent and dedicated knob to control smoking temperatures made it a fuss-free experience.

The C Series, which also comes in black, is compatible with Vision Grills Quickchange Gas Insert. So while it’s primarily a ceramic charcoal grill, I love having this added when I miss using gas grills.

And when the grilling and smoking were over, cleaning was a breeze! I just had to empty the removable ash drawer for easy cleanup.


  • Plenty of space to cook with two-tier stainless steel grates. Its bottom grate is over 18-inch diameter. The top grate is around the same size with handles to easily add charcoal and wood chips.

  • Easy charcoal lighting. Part of its ProZone feature is an electric starter port to ignite the charcoal in about 10 minutes.

  • Individual knobs for grilling and smoking to control airflow from the bottom vent. The top vent has a dedicated dial for the same purpose. 

  • Built-in thermometer is labeled with suitable temperature zones to warm, grill, smoke, or sear food.

  • Comes with a lava stone and a bracket, which worked great for me when I cooked pizza in the C Series. But it’s also helpful when I need indirect heat for smoking. 

  • Amazing side shelves with accessory hooks to keep an organized grilling station. They’re made of solid wood and fold down when not needed.

  • Steel cart feels heavy-duty, making the C Series stand out from other kamado grills in the market.

  • Vision Grills added very sturdy wheels, making moving the grill around easy. Two of the wheels have locking casters, so outdoor grilling was worry-free.


A high-quality kamado charcoal grill can easily cost thousands of dollars because its materials, particularly ceramics, are expensive.

But its price got me to purchase the Vision Grills C Series. It costs $1,049.99, which is less expensive than other brands.

Despite the relatively lower cost, the overall performance of this kamado grill didn’t feel like there was a significant compromise. And it was definitely an excellent value for its price.


  • Great for smoking and grilling

  • Less expensive than most high-quality kamado grills

  • Can switch between charcoal and gas grilling

  • Removable ash drawer for easy clean

  • Relatively quick charcoal ignition


  • Lump charcoal, which is more pricey than briquettes, is recommended


The Vision Grills C Series is a fantastic kamado grill. , and it’s truly versatile and easy to use and maintain.

Its features and materials feel high-quality and perform exactly as expected. If you’re looking to switch to a kamado grill, you shouldn’t sleep on the C Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add wood chips when using Vision Grills C Series?

Yes. If you want to enhance the flavor of your smoked meats cooked in Vision Grills C Series, you can add flavored wood chips once you’ve ignited the charcoal.

Can I Use Lighter Fluid To Ignite Charcoal in a Kamado Grill?

Vision Grills strictly warns against using lighter fluid. But avoiding lighter fluid and other chemicals to ignite your fuel source is a general rule when using a kamado grill. 

This also applies to any grill made from ceramic, which absorbs moisture. 

The fumes from lighter fluids can be retained in the ceramic, which could be hazardous and could lead to unwanted flavors and o

Upgrade Your BBQ Experience With the Vision Grills C Series

The usually steep price of kamado grills is a common reason why many think twice about purchasing on

But thanks to the Vision Grills C Series, you don’t have to miss out on its amazing benefits for grilling, smoking, and excellent baking! 

It doesn’t cost as much as most ceramic kamado grills, but its overall performance is on par with more premium options out there.

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