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Mont Alpi | 32-Inch 400 Built In Grill - MABi400

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A Robust Stylish and fully equipped Built In Grill. Offers 4 heavy-duty 304 Stainless steel burners making even the most beginner chefs able to craft professional meals. It is also equipped with a ceramic infrared back burner great for when you cook a large roast or use the heavy-duty rotisserie kit that is included. The halogen lights in the cooking area are great for cooking in the evening or darker hours and it also has stylish LED lights on the control knobs. The Mont Alpi is the only Grill to have the all-new "Heat Wave" Double Layer Sear plates to enhance your cooking experience. This helps reduce the grease flair-ups, retains Heat, and encourages smoke, smells, and flavors that are essential for your bbq. All stainless steel structure on the Mont Alpi Built-In is Marine Grade 304, so it is a very heavy-duty and weather resistant Grill and stands up to whatever the elements may be.


  1. Four main 304 Stainless Steel Tube Burners for efficient and powerful heating.
  2. Ceramic Infrared Rear Burner for high-heat cooking and searing.
  3. All Stainless Steel Cooking Components for durability and easy cleaning.
  4. 8mm 304 S/Steel Cooking Grills for even cooking and impressive sear marks.
  5. Warming rack, 304 S/Steel for keeping food warm without overcooking.
  6. Rotisserie Kit with Heavy Duty Electric Motor (included) for slow-roasting large cuts of meat to perfection.
  7. Cast-iron Griddle Plate (Not included) for versatile cooking options.
  8. Two Cooking Surface Halogen Lights for improved visibility during nighttime grilling.
  9. Control Knobs have Blue/OFF Red/ON LED Lights for easy and stylish operation.
  10. Electronic Ignition for an easy and reliable startup.

Other notable features include:

  • 87,000 BTU Heat Output for powerful and efficient cooking.
  • Dimensions 31.6 x 23 x 25” for a large and impressive grilling surface.
  • Fully 304 Stainless steel for long lasting durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Natural gas and Propane are Ready for flexible fuel options.
  • Propane Hose and Regulator included (Natural Gas Hose not included) for convenience and safety.
  • Temperature Gauge for accurate temperature monitoring and control.
  • Weather Cover (Not Included) for protection against the elements and extended durability.


  • Four main 304 Stainless Steel Tube Burners.
  • Ceramic Infrared Rear Burner.
  • All Stainless Steel Cooking Components,
  • 8mm 304 S/Steel Cooking Grills,
  • Warming rack, 304 S/Steel
  • Rotisserie Kit with Heavy Duty Electric Motor (included),
  • Weather Cover (Not Included),
  • Cast-iron Griddle Plate (Not included)
  • Two Cooking Surface Halogen Lights,
  • Control Knobs have Blue/OFF Red/ON LED Lights,
  • Electronic Ignition,
  • 63.000 BTU Heat Output,
  • Dimensions 31.6 x 23 x 25”,
  • Fully 304 Stainless steel,
  • Natural gas and Propane Ready.
  • Propane Hose and Regulator included. (Natural Gas Hose not included)
  • Temperature Gauge



Mont Alpi grills and BBQ Islands are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Grill Hood & Cooking Grates: 100% coverage for 15 years.  After 15 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Tubular Burners: 100% coverage for 5 years.  After 5 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Stainless Steel Firebox: 100% coverage for 2 years.  After 2 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Electronics: 100% coverage for 1 year.  After 1 year, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

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