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Mont Alpi | Stainless Steel Beverage Center - MASF

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Mont Alpi modular components are a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. They pair seamlessly with Mont Alpi Island Grills and are a stylish and robust extension of any outdoor space. The Beverage Center is constructed fully of 304 stainless steel and features a white faux-granite countertop with a built-in sink and a refrigerator cabinet. The stainless steel sink measures 15 X 12 inches and features a faucet. The refrigerator is outdoor rated to keep your food and drinks safe. It has a locking door and stylish interior blue lighting. With 3 adjustable racks and 2.6 cubic ft. of space, you will have plenty of room for food, drinks, and spirits. Add the Stainless Steel Beverage Center to your Mont Alpi outdoor kitchen setup for a top-of-the-line upgrade.


  1. Versatile Use: Your beverage center can be used as a freestanding unit or as a module, making it a flexible addition to your outdoor space.
  2. Easy Mobility: The heavy-duty wheel castors make it easy to move the unit around your patio or deck.
  3. Convenient Sink: The sink measures 12"x15", which provides ample space for cleaning glasses and utensils.
  4. Ample Storage: With a fridge capacity of 63L, you can store plenty of drinks and food items.
  5. Illuminated Interior: The unit comes with built-in lights, making it easy to find what you need, even in low light conditions.
  6. Outdoor Ready: The fridge is rated for outdoor use, so you can be sure it will hold up to the elements.
  7. Durable Surface: The white granite surface is weather and stain-resistant, ensuring that it will maintain its appearance for years to come.
  8. High-Quality Construction: Made from 304-grade stainless steel, your beverage center is built to last.
  9. Compact Size: Measuring 20"x38"x35", this unit is large enough to be functional but won't take up too much space in your outdoor area.
  10. Island Compatible: The beverage center is designed to be a great add-on to all Mont Alpi Islands, so you can easily create a custom outdoor kitchen setup.


  • Dimensions: 38-Inches W x 23-Inches D x 35-Inches H
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Temperature Range: 30°- 120°F



Mont Alpi grills and BBQ Islands are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Grill Hood & Cooking Grates: 100% coverage for 15 years.  After 15 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Tubular Burners: 100% coverage for 5 years.  After 5 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Stainless Steel Firebox: 100% coverage for 2 years.  After 2 years, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

Electronics: 100% coverage for 1 year.  After 1 year, the owner covers 45% of the price for replacement parts.

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