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Alfa | Pizzaiolo Kit V2 - KITPIZ

by Alfa
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The Kit Pizzaiolo is a careful selection of pizza-making tools whose main features are:

  • The Pizza Peel set with all the accessories to better manage your home oven and bake pizzas like a pro.
  • A huge range of pizza-making utensils such as the pizza dough box and the doughball peel, the infrared thermometer, the pizza cutter, the chopping board, the oven mitt, the apron, and the Alfa cookbook.
  • Compatible with all Alfa home ovens.

All the tools for making homemade pizza are included in the Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo which comes with accessories for baking pizza in a wood-burning oven as well as instruments for cooking any kind of food in any type of Alfa oven.

In our blog, we have analyzed the functional characteristics of many pizza tools and accessories discovering why they are key to having high-quality cooking results in an easy and hassle-free way.

The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the Alfa pizza peel set that comprises 4 tools to master all stages of pizza cooking:

  • The Alfa pizza peel in perforated aluminum to get rid of the extra flour with the company logo embossed.
  • The turner peel to rotate pizzas in the oven.
  • The ember rake to move the fire around the wood-burning oven.
  • The brass bristle brush to scrub clean the refractory floor of the oven.

All these tools are made of high-quality stainless steel and are adjustable by screwing their extensions of 25 cm each to give them extra length.

Included Items:


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    Alfa ovens fully comply with the Italian and European proposed regulations.
    The oven is guaranteed for 2 (two) years against defects and craftsmanship;
    good maintenance and proper use can make sure that the oven lasts much
    Warranty covers parts and components for wood and 1 (one) year for labor
    on natural gas and LPG ovens. Shipping and assembly costs are charged to
    the customer.




    The warranty does not apply in the following options:
    • If the oven is not properly used and installed as described in this manual.
    • If the oven has been damaged either voluntarily or involuntarily in any way.
    • In the event the equipment is improperly or inadequately maintained. Burner
    problems resulting from debris or ash in the burner well will not be covered by the
    • If the oven, for any cause, has been altered and is no longer in the condition detected at delivery of the product.
    • If products have been used other than suggested. Do not use liquid fire starters for
    barbecues, other chemicals or products that contain liquid fuels.
    • If the damage is the result of the use of chemicals inside or outside the oven.
    • Normal wear of the burner, thermometer, ignition, electrodes, ignition cable, gas
    hose and refractory stones.
    • Damage caused by exceeding the temperature limit of 500°C / 1000°F.
    • Void if replacement components not produced or approved by Alfa are installed.
    • Damage to parts not functional and decorative that do not affect the normal use of
    the oven, including scratches and colors differences.
    • In the event that the rating plate has been removed, altered or obliterated.
    We recommend the exclusive use of spare parts recommended by Alfa.

    Downloadable PDF copy - WARRANTY!

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