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Whynter FM-45G transit bag

by Whynter
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Now you can protect and provide additional insulation for your Whynter portable freezer with the Whynter FM-4TBG insulated flexible transit bag. The Whynter FM-4TBG transit bag comes custom tailored with openings for your freezer’s handle grips, air vents, and power cords to allow operation with the bag in place. The Whynter FM-4TBG transit bag also comes with a fast open top flap for quick and easy access to the freezer compartment. A convenient side pocket also allows you to tote any cords and accessories with the bag.

This genuine Whynter transit bag comes in three different sizes to fit your FM-45G (FM-4TBG), FM-65G/ FM-62DZ (FM-6TBG), and FM-85G (FM-8TBG) portable freezer.